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June 26, 2022




A photograph from the production
A photograph from the production "Kalrs of Ostrava" ("Colors of Ostrava"), December 2015.

Czech teachers can invite performances from "You, Me and Them - theater as a forum against prejudice" to their schools

4.12.2015 23:25 "You, Me and Them - theater as a forum against prejudice" is a joint project of the Antikomplex organization and the Slovo 21 NGO in the Czech Republic. Three teams of actors from three different cities (Ostrava, Písek and Prague) give three different performances, the common aim of which is to "develop a culture of dialogue between the majority and minority groups in the Czech Republic and, through theater, to open up a common space leading to the awareness of each individual's own life situation, power to achieve change, and rights," according to a press release about the project.  full story

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Czech Republic: Interview with Alica Heráková, founder of Ghettofest

Brno, 6.6.2014 22:59, (ROMEA) Alica Heráková lives in the neighborhood of the Czech city of Brno around Bratislavská and Cejl Streets that is nicknamed the "Bronx". She has decided to convince the residents of Brno that the quarter is not actually a dangerous place that should be avoided.  full story

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Czech Republic: "Slaves of Justice", about Hungarian hate crime trial, performed this Sunday

Prague, 23.5.2014 19:06, (ROMEA) "Slaves of Justice" is a musical cabaret show based on a 1 200-page transcript of an actual trial and more than 100 hours of testimony, in which 12 laypersons rule on a case from real life. This third documentary project by the PanoDrama group examines the judiciary with a special emphasis on minorities.  full story

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