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July 23, 2019
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Slovak President Andrej Kiska received the European Civil Rights Prize of Sinti and Roma in Brussels on 19 March 2019 for his engagement in combating displays of discrimination and racism and the exclusion of Romani people from society. (PHOTO:  Facebook page of Andrej Kiska)
Slovak President Andrej Kiska received the European Civil Rights Prize of Sinti and Roma in Brussels on 19 March 2019 for his engagement in combating displays of discrimination and racism and the exclusion of Romani people from society. (PHOTO: Facebook page of Andrej Kiska)

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Czech sociologist refutes President's allegations about Romani unemployment, agrees with ROMEA

8.10.2018 19:12 Czech President Miloš Zeman has doubled down on his insinuations about Romani people not working when responding to the hundreds of photographs posted to Facebook by Romani people showing themselves on the job. Speaking on Friday, he called the photos an initiative by just "one-tenth" of the country's Romani population.  full story

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Czech President verbally assails residential hotel evictees, supports city's move to abolish housing benefits entirely

19.6.2018 15:40 Czech President Miloš Zeman perceives declaring municipal territories "housing benefit-free zones" to be part of combating poverty. He would agree with declaring all of the City of Ústí nad Labem such a zone.  full story

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Czech President's staff criticize inclusion of "Freedom and Direct Democracy" party in extremism report

19.6.2018 9:25 Czech President Zeman's staff are criticizing the inclusion of the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) party of Tomio Okamura among the actors mentioned in the Report on Extremism for 2017 produced by the Department of Crime Prevention and Security Policy at the Czech Interior Ministry. According to the Office of the President, the SPD should not be mentioned by the report.  full story

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Slovak President Kiska discusses Romani settlements and Interior Ministry's plans for repression

31.1.2018 6:53 Slovak President Andrej Kiska organized a public panel discussion on the subject of including Romani people into society on Thursday, 26 January at the Evangelical College in Prešov that aimed to point out that verified solutions exist to some of the most essential problems in this area. The discussion also aimed to describe the genesis of the current state of affairs in connection with the planned repressive measures to be undertaken by police.  full story

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Czech institute reminds President that welfare restrictions have applied for more than a decade now

29.12.2017 20:28 The Institute for Social Inclusion (IPSI) has responded to the Christmas speech made by Czech President Miloš Zeman, especially the part where he discusses so-called "inadaptables". Zeman said that social benefits should be restricted for persons who refuse jobs offered to them through the state's Labor Office.  full story

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Czech President shakes his fist during Christmas speech, references "inadaptables", rejects early elections

27.12.2017 9:53 Czech President Miloš Zeman said yesterday that 2017 was a year of good news for the Czech economy and society. In his Christmas message to the nation he expressed
appreciation for the security situation in the Czech Republic, for low unemployment, and for high economic growth.  full story

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Commentary: By honoring Zeman, US Jewish organization is promoting the fascisization of Czech society

25.9.2017 9:57 It is always sad when educated, intelligent people lose their judgment thanks to the larger atmosphere in which they operate. A Jewish organization based in the USA has recently given Czech President Miloš Zeman an award calling him a "Warrior for Truth".  full story

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videoCzech presidential candidate says pig farm on site of former concentration camp for Roma must be demolished

12.7.2017 5:36 Michal Horáček has published a video on his official Facebook profile in which he makes an absolutely clear statement about the pig farm that now stands on the site of the former concentration camp at Lety u Písku. "That pig farm must be demolished! It must! What should be here is an empty space that we will fill with remembrance and
empathy," the candidate for next year's presidential elections said.  full story

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Slovak President sharply criticizes shabby results in combating Romani poverty

20.5.2017 8:44 Romani issues in Slovakia are not being addressed robustly enough and the measures in place are having zero results. Those are the sharp words addressed to the Association of Cities and Municipalies in Slovakia (ZMOS) at their 28th congress by Slovak President Andrej Kiska.  full story

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Robert Tonelli: Romani people must propose their own candidate for President of the Czech Republic

8.5.2017 6:54 Over the past few days we have been witnessing how political indiscretions can bend the entire political scene here in the Czech Republic. I am writing here as a person who takes an interest in public affairs across the board, not just in the question of human rights, about which I have written many articles.  full story

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videoSlovak President addresses anti-Romani sentiment in New Year's Day speech

2.1.2017 9:28 Not all Romani people are parasites and not all Muslims are potential terrorists, Slovak President Andrej Kiska pointed out in his New Year's address yesterday. Kiska highlighted that people are now willing to tolerate the hatred, nonsense and vulgarities spreading on the Internet and online social networks.  full story

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