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July 23, 2019
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The Office of the Public Defender of Rights in Brno, Czech Republic. (PHOTO:  Czech Television)
The Office of the Public Defender of Rights in Brno, Czech Republic. (PHOTO: Czech Television)

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Czech politicians respond to President's antigypsyism: He divides us so we won't unite against him

10.10.2018 8:10 Some other Czech politicians have begun to respond to Czech President Miloš Zeman's remarks about Romani people avoiding work - remarks which prompted
Romani people all over Europe to post photographs of themselves at work to Facebook. "When my son Nick was born, my Romani friends came to visit all the
way from Ostrava to give him a medallion of the Madonna. They call me frequently to see whether I might have a job or work for them, to ask how I am, to
tell me how they are. They're business people. Miloš, what the hell have you ever done for them and who gave you the right to insult them like this? former
Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek (Civic Democratic Party - ODS) tweeted.
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Czech President attempts to smear opponent as "pro-immigration" - but their views are the same on that issue

20.1.2018 14:51 The "Friends of Miloš Zeman" group has published an advertisement in some Czech dailies supporting the incumbent in the second round of voting and attacking his competitor, Jiří Drahoš, by connecting him with support for immigration and attacking asylum-seekers as well. The advertisement was commissioned by the Euro-Agency firm, which, according to Zeman's transparent campaign accounting had already paid CZK 1.8 million [EUR 70 000] for advertising in the daily press before the first round of voting.

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Czech President says 90 % of "inadaptable citizens" are Romani

13.11.2017 9:03 According to Czech President Miloš Zeman, 90 % of what he called the country's "inadaptable citizens" are Romani and just 10 % are "white slobs". Zeman made his remarks on a program called "This Week with the President" (Týden s prezidentem), which is regularly broadcast by the Barrandov cable television station and moderated by the director of that station, Jaromír Soukup.  full story

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Jan Horváth: We need a better President of the Czech Republic. Kampel amenge feder prezidentos

26.9.2017 7:39 The highest representative of any state should represent the nation. That means being its protector, its spokesperson, and defending the rights of all its citizens equally.  full story

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Czech President alleges most immigrants are uneducated, but German statistics show otherwise

24.3.2017 6:45 According to Czech President Miloš Zeman, most of the two million immigrants who have arrived in the European Union recently have not even completed a basic education. He belives that will significantly complicate their inclusion into society.  full story

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2016 saw Czech President's convergence with China and with Trump

2.1.2017 7:26 The last year of Czech President Miloš Zeman's foreign policy agenda was characterized by further rapprochement with China, supporting US president-elect Donald Trump and fewer trips abroad than in past years. He did not avoid controversies, such as when he openly supported particular candidates running for president in both Austria and the USA.  full story

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Czech President attacks some welfare recipients, rejects immigrants, says Interior Ministry is "censoring" the Internet

27.12.2016 19:51 Czech President Miloš Zeman has sent his traditional Christmas message from the presidential residence in Lány, expressing appreciation for the good state of the economy being reflected in Czechs' standard of living and criticizing low levels of public investment, alleging that subsidies for renewable energy and some welfare benefits are a drag on the economy. Zeman also rejected the Czech Republic voluntarily accepting immigrants, whom he believes could spawn terrorist attacks.  full story

Czech Republic: Experts believe schools will not open to the disadvantaged or to Romani children

Prague, 23.1.2015 3:03, (ROMEA) Czech society is divided, elitist, incapable of achieving consensus and intolerant. It is not likely that even the best-intended attempts at reforming the primary schools will succeed any time soon.  full story

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Czech President's rude wisecrack tars all Roma with the same brush

Prague, 20.6.2014 15:45, (ROMEA) Several Czech media outlets have reported that a Romani woman who asked Czech President Miloš Zeman when members of her community would get decent housing received the following wisecrack in response: "We need to clarify what is meant by the concept of decent housing. It means that I don't trash the apartment I am paying for. I don't tear up the floorboards to make a little fire, I don't remove the windows, I don't turn the hallways into a dump. The right to decent housing also means the obligation to reside somewhere decently. It's sincerely all the same to me whether someone is non-Romani or Romani. We must measure everyone according to the same standards. Someone either knows how to reside somewhere and get along with their neighbors or doesn't, and when they don't, they lose their entitlement.  full story

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International Islamic organization demands apology from Czech President, he won't budge

Prague, 11.6.2014 22:21, (ROMEA) The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has condemned the recent remarks made by Czech President Miloš Zeman during the celebrations of Israel's Independence Day at the end of May. Commenting on the recent attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Zeman said attacks by Islamist fanatics are an outcome of their ideology.  full story

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Czech MPs fail to choose new ombud in first round, second vote tomorrow

Prague, 13.2.2014 21:38, (ROMEA) Czech MPs failed to elect a new Public Defender of Rights (ombud) today. Neither the current Deputy Public Defender of Rights, Stanislav Křeček, nor the former Deputy Public Defender of Rights, Anna Šabatová, has received enough votes during today's first round of secret voting.  full story

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