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January 24, 2022



Prezidentské volby v USA

PHOTO:  Wikimedia Commons, M4tx
PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons, M4tx

USA: Tech firm staffers refuse to work for Trump

18.12.2016 20:23 On 14 December Reuters reported that approximately 100 employees of American technology firms have pledged not to aid President-elect Donald Trump create a database of people according to their religion or to deport people en masse. The signatories to the open letter are employed by Google, Twitter and other firms.  full story

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Commentary: Trump won. Should we admire him?

9.11.2016 12:31 Donald Trump has won the election. His purposeful efforts, worthy of a successful businessman, have become the symbol of today.  full story

Barack Obama (PHOTO: Facebook)

How Czech dailies are commenting on Obama's re-election

Prague, 8.11.2012 18:18, (ROMEA) Czech daily papers have commented on Tuesday's re-election of the Democratic Party candidate for President of the USA, saying the voters found Barack Obama to be the more comprehensible, reliable candidate despite the constrained results of his government so far. According to the Czech press, Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney correctly bet on people's dissatisfaction with Obama's effectiveness throughout the country, but failed to offer a better alternative.  full story

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