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August 13, 2022




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Slovakia: Romani barber builds salon in small town despite local prejudices

17.4.2018 9:07 Dalibor Ferenc has fought to the end and won what he has long been desiring, namely, the opportunity to build his own hairdressing salon in a small town in the Žilina Region in northern Slovakia. The 23-year-old has managed to overcome a difficult period during which strong prejudices from those around him arose as barriers to his plan to open the salon last year, forcing him to move his business into a new space.  full story

Russia: Romani scientists were also sisters

Russia, 15.7.2014 0:14, (ROMEA) This article is yet another in our series about eminent Romani figures, this time about two sisters who were scientists from Russia, or rather from the former Soviet Union. They are the biologist Lyubov Pankova and the chemist Natalya Pankova.  full story

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Commentary: "Are you baby-sitting all those children?"

Prague, 12.7.2014 23:42, (ROMANO VOĎI) My friend Petra causes a ruckus wherever she goes with her children. "Are you some kind of camp? Are you baby-sitting them for someone? Did you adopt them all?" total strangers unashamedly ask her on the street, in the shop, on the tram, even when she visits the emergency room.  full story

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Lukáš Houdek: When Romani people don't speak "gypsy" right

Prague, 26.9.2013 22:44, (ROMEA) Here it is! Romani people causing problems once more!  full story

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Czech NGO launches ad campaign about anti-Roma prejudice

Brno, 13.9.2013 16:16, (ROMEA) Starting on 9 September, people traveling by public transportation in the Czech city of Brno have been able to see 800 posters from an ongoing campaign by the Brno-based organization IQ Roma servis. The posters describe situations where Roma are working and want to work, but are blocked by the prejudices that give all Roma a bad reputation.  full story

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