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April 24, 2019
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Rankovce, Slovakia - a project for self-help construction of houses. (PHOTO:  TASR/František Iván)
Rankovce, Slovakia - a project for self-help construction of houses. (PHOTO: TASR/František Iván)

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Czech research shows 96 % of poorest families in Rapid Re-Housing maintain their housing and improve their health

4.7.2018 16:39 A project in Brno, Czech Republic called "Rapid Re-Housing" providing municipally-owned apartment units for lease to families at risk of homelessness is celebrating significant success after its first year. According to research by Ostrava University, a total of 96 % of the families in the project have managed to maintain their housing, and what is more, the state of health of the children involved and their parents has improved.  full story

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Pre peskere pindre: Romani leaders in Czech Republic learn how to avoid financial transactions with those who humiliate Roma

10.5.2018 8:56 A week-long education program in South Bohemia focused primarily on fundraising was attended recently by 16 leading figures from the nonprofit world, most of them Romani. The intensive, interactive development program, which featured education based in experiential learning and self-exploration and which was led by instructors from the Czech Fundraising Center, took place as part of a two-year program entitled "Pre peskere pindre" (On Your Own Feet).  full story

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Klaudia Vospálková: Investing into education pays off

19.7.2016 7:11 Klaudia Vospálková has always dreamed that one day she would become the most powerful woman on the planet. Those ambitions of hers just became a bit more achievable.  full story

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Council of Europe's ROMACT project is seeking facilitators - deadline THURSDAY

15.2.2016 22:17 The ROMACT project is seeking facilitators to collaborate with local authorities and Romani communities in the Czech Republic - the deadline for applying is 18 February 2016. At this moment the call for applications concerns the areas of Budišov nad Budišovkou, Litvínov, Rokycany and Vítkov.  full story

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Czech Interior Ministry supports Roma-targeted projects in Kolín

Kolín, 15.4.2015 20:04 The Czech town of Kolín will begin a so-called Romani mentoring project in mid-year to aid Romani people with financial literacy and finding work. The aim is to keep Romani people from falling into the debt trap and intensifying the problems of socially excluded localities.  full story

Czech Republic: Zlín Region supporting Romani integration

20.3.2015 22:49, (ROMEA) Six projects targeting Romani minority integration will be supported this year by the Zlín Region. Organizers will receive some part of the total amount of CZK 350 000 (EUR 12 750) that regional councilors have approved.  full story

--ilustrační foto-- Media watchdogs are not censors - here's the proof!

Prague, 3.2.2015 20:01, (ROMEA) One of news server's activities is monitoring the media, fact-checking the correctness and veracity of the information journalists use, and then attempting to get misleading, tendentious or untrue information corrected. We play this watchdog role not only with respect to the media, but also with respect to municipal or state officials and politicians, etc.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani NGO helps halt illegal debt collections worth more than CZK 2.5 million

Brno, 27.1.2015 18:38, (ROMEA) The Brno-based organization DROM Romani Center has long been successfully aiding people who have ended up in the debt trap because of usurious loans. In 2014 the courts halted unjustified collections proceedings against 33 clients of DROM worth CZK 2 532 000.  full story

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Bothered by how the media report on Romani people? ROMEA wants to hear from you

Prague, 29.12.2014 5:41, (ROMEA) "One of the main roles in society's shift toward extremism and radicalization in relation to Romani people is played by the media," says Zdeněk Ryšavý, director of ROMEA, o.p.s. "Ever more frequently, in media of all kinds, we are encountering journalists who report about Romani people superficially, without any knowledge, or without sufficient reflection on the context of a story."  full story

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Czech journalist Michal Komárek and ROMEA win Vodafone Foundation grant

Prague, 31.10.2014 21:24, (ROMEA) This year's round of the Czech Vodafone Foundation's grant program saw 64 applicants. There were 12 projects in the final round whose authors presented their intentions to the expert jury.  full story

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Ostalinda Maya Ovalle: The Myth of the Spanish Model of Roma Inclusion

Madrid, 29.8.2014 10:42, (ROMEA) “Things are different in Spain.” This is a common refrain when discussing Roma integration in Europe. Spain is held up as a model, and not just by media or government officials. Even some Roma activists point to programs in the country as a way forward. But this rosy picture ignores the historical and economic environment, as well as the vital role of Romani families. As Spain’s economic crisis and its effects take root, it’s time to break this myth.  full story

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Czech-Roma NGO: "Practical school" not beneficial to Romani children's futures

Prague, 25.11.2013 16:36, (ROMEA) Staffers of the Slovo 21 civic association in the Czech Republic will be attempting to discuss with Romani parents the idea that their children should be enrolled into mainstream primary schools, not "practical" ones. The NGO's latest project, called "Mom, Dad, I want to go to school", endeavors to communicate the message that "practical schools" will not benefit their children's futures.  full story

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