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June 1, 2020
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Anna Dumont
Anna Dumont

Opinion: Running a nationalist party in Europe is a very good business plan

21.12.2017 9:43 According to the director of the Consortium of Non-Governmental Organizations Working with Migrants, Anna Dumont, running nationalist parties in the Czech Republic is a very good business plan for those in charge of them. "As a result of their gains in the recent elections, the SPD has been given from the state budget CZK 54 million [EUR 2 million] plus another CZK 20 million [EUR 777 700] annually per elected MP. This is a business. This is a machine for producing money that functions effectively, and not just in our country. This is a perfect way to cheat the voters. All of these party leaders have known, from the beginning, that they will be unable to fulfill any of their promises," Dumont said in her speech at last weekend's demonstration against the Prague conference of the anti-immigration, hateful, xenophobic parties in the ENF group at the European Parliament, which news server is publishing here in full translation.  full story

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videoSlovak President addresses anti-Romani sentiment in New Year's Day speech

2.1.2017 9:28 Not all Romani people are parasites and not all Muslims are potential terrorists, Slovak President Andrej Kiska pointed out in his New Year's address yesterday. Kiska highlighted that people are now willing to tolerate the hatred, nonsense and vulgarities spreading on the Internet and online social networks.  full story

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