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October 31, 2020




Installation of the
Installation of the "stumbling stones" or stolpersteine to mark the last place Holocaust victims lived of their own free will before being transported to the Nazi concentration camps. (PHOTO:

Czech Republic: Permission sought from Prostějov to install stones marking Holocaust victims

26.3.2018 9:13 The first stones to mark those who disappeared during the Holocaust from the town of Prostějov could soon be installed according to a program to commemorate Holocaust victims that is running in the Czech Republic and many other countries. The stones to mark the disappeared, called Stolpersteine, are paving stones 10 x 10 cm square with information about the victims engraved into a small bronze plaque on their surface.  full story

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Czech Police investigating anonymous antisemitic letter in Prostějov

20.2.2017 6:26 Police are investigating the circumstances of an anonymous letter full of antisemitic insults and vulgarities that has been sent to different people in Prostějov in connection with the sometimes passionate discussion about how to arrange for dignified remembrance at the site of the former Jewish cemetery near the local school. Representatives of an American philanthropic foundation, Kolel Damesek Eliezer, which is attempting to rehabilitate the Jewish cemetery, are planning to report a crime because of the anonymous letter that has been addressed to bureaucrats and residents of Prostějov.  full story

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As Czech home for children improves facility, its Romani graduates can't get a lease

12.1.2016 21:50 Children living at the Prostějov children's home (Dětský domov) have a new outdoor playground. "We are doing our best to lead these children toward movement and sport, so the training playground became instantly popular. However, shortly after we installed the machinery, the real winter began. Now these young athletes have to wait for warmer weather," director Vladimír Brablec told the daily Prostějovský deník.  full story

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Romani evictees seek compensation from town, Czech Supreme Court to review case

9.11.2015 4:38 The case of the Romani residents of Vsetín who were removed from its territory and relocated to villages outside of the Zlín Region nine years ago will be addressed by the Czech Supreme Court. The Romani plaintiffs believe the town violated their fundamental human rights by removing them.  full story

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Czech politician's anti-Gypsyism is no impediment to her career

23.9.2015 18:37 Alena Rašková (Czech Social Democratic Party - ČSSD),the Deputy Mayor of Prostějov who is infamous for her remarks about Romani people, is now seeking the mayoralty there. Her candidacy was supported today by the local governing coalition of the ČSSD, the PéVéčko movement and the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM).  full story

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