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June 28, 2022




The improvised remembrance site on 13 January 2022 in front of the Nové Sedlo Prison. (PHOTO:  TV NOVA)
The improvised remembrance site on 13 January 2022 in front of the Nové Sedlo Prison. (PHOTO: TV NOVA)

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LIVE BROADCAST: RomanoNet delivers protest manifesto to the Italian Embassy about Italy's racist measures against Roma

30.7.2018 13:52 Representatives of RomanoNet will deliver a protest manifesto to the Ambassador of Italy to the Czech Republic, Aldo Amati, very shortly. The organizations are protesting against the situation of Romani in Italy, where the Italian Interior Minister and leader of the ultra-right Lega group, Matteo Salvini, is demanding a census of Romani people and the application of racist policies against them.

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In Prague and other European cities, Romani people and their allies to protest recent violence against Roma in Ukraine

27.7.2018 9:41 On Tuesday 31 July at 16:00 a march to support Romani people in Ukraine will take place in Prague as part of a bigger protest being held in 10 European countries. The first in the series of demonstrations begins tomorrow in Bucharest, Romania, while other events referencing the current violence will also mark Roma Holocaust Memorial Day, 2 August, in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and the UK, while 6 August will see events in Hungary and Macedonia.  full story

Futsalový klub Dynamo Černý Most

Czech futsal club "takes a knee" against the xenophobic remarks of the SPD chair and the President

27.12.2017 17:52 The Dynamo Černý Most futsal club has received hundreds of "likes" and shares on Facebook after player and trainer Marek Bělor, a Romani community member, posted a photo expressing disagreement with the hateful remarks of SPD chair Tomio Okamura and Czech President Miloš Zeman. The club has taken a clear stance against the dissemination of negative attitudes toward minorities through which Okamura, his party and the Czech President are inciting racism and xenophobia in society.  full story

Anti-Roma protests in Bulgaria (July 2, 2017, PHOTO: Btv Novosti)

videoBulgaria: Anti-Roma Protests Continue After Alleged Romani Attacks on Teenagers

4.7.2017 11:40 Another huge anti-Roma protest occurred in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria on Sunday, 2 July. This was the fifth anti-Roma protest that has occurred since nine Romani locals allegedly attacked several teenagers on the local rowing team.  full story

Bulgaria: Alleged Romani Attacks on Rowers Sparks Anti-Roma Protest

29.6.2017 15:41 The Bulgarian News Agency reports that an anti-Roma protest happened in Assenovgrad, southern Bulgaria, last week. Roughly 1 500 non-Romani people are said to have joined the protest on the evening of Wednesday,  28 June.  full story

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USA: Protests against police violence continue, resulting in hundreds of arrests

11.7.2016 19:05 In many places throughout the entre United States, more protests were held on Sunday against the incidents last week of African-American civilians being shot dead during controversial police interventions. Demonstrators assembled again in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and St. Paul, Minnesota, the cities where the controversial police shootings took place, according to CBS News.  full story

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Germany: Roma at risk of being returned to the Balkans continue to protest

11.6.2016 8:27 "Solidarity with Romani people expelled from the memorial dedicated to the Sinti and Roma murdered during Nazism" - under that slogan a demonstration was held on 3 June on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. The plan was to occupy the memorial to the Roma Holocaust in the Tiergarten near the neighborhood in the German capital that houses all of the government offices.  full story

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Germany: Romani refugees occupy Berlin memorial to Roma murdered during Nazism, police intervene

29.5.2016 9:55 Last Sunday afternoon approximately 100 people occupied Berlin's memorial to the Romani and Sinti people who were murdered by the Nazis. The protest was held under the slogan "We Are Here".  full story

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Bulgaria: Anti-Romani protests in southern town of Radnevo

8.5.2016 9:14 Anti-Romani unrest broke out last Wednesday in the southern Bulgarian town of Radnevo. Approximately 2 000 Bulgarians demonstrated for a fair investigation of a brawl on Monday between three ethnic Bulgarians and four men from a local Romani family that resulted in serious injuries.  full story

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Czech Republic: Demonstrations for and against receiving migrants in Ostrava

27.4.2016 11:57 Opponents and proponents of the reception of migrants demonstrated on Saturday afternoon in Ostrava, the third-largest city in the Czech Republic. A total of approximately 200 people on either side assembled at two different locations in the city.  full story

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Bulgaria: Regional governor says situation in Garmen is calming down

4.6.2015 17:03 The Focus Information Agency (FIA) reports that the Regional Governor of Blagoevgrad, Biser Mihailov, met with Bulgarian Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova this week to discuss recent anti-Romani unrest in the town of Garmen. "CCTV will be installed in the municipality by the municipal administration at the order of the mayor," Mahailov said.  full story

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Bulgaria: Mayor of Garmen says anti-Romani protests are being exploited for political gain

26.5.2015 18:28 Anti-Romani protests broke out in the municipality of Garmen in southwestern Bulgaria on Saturday. Those protesting say they have long had conflicts with some occupants of temporary housing near their community.  full story

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Spanish Roma protest label of "swindler" in dictionary

15.4.2015 0:48 The New York Times reports that several groups representing Romani people in Spain launched a campaign on Wednesday, 8 April, International Romani Day, to remove a reference from a world-renowned dictionary of the Spanish language that mentions Roma as "swindlers". The Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) and other Spanish organizations delivered protest letters to members of the Royal Spanish Language Academy, which produces the dictionary.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani residents of Tanvald oppose planned demonstration for new investigation of 2012 shooting

Prague, 7.4.2015 19:39, (ROMEA) On Saturday 11 April a demonstration will be held in the Czech town of Tanvald calling for a new investigation into the case of a Romani man who was shot to death there on New Year's Day 2012. The event is being convened by activist Andrej Lučka in collaboration the father of the murdered youth, Ladislav Tatár.  full story

Neo-Nazis used against neo-Nazis... Local entrepreneurs and residents pledged to contribute EUR 10 for every meter marched by the supporters of Nazi ideology to the EXIT-Germany nonprofit organization, which helps former neo-Nazis extricate themselves from involvement with the environment of neo-Nazi cells.

videoGermany: Neo-Nazis inadvertently fund those opposed to them

Wunsiedel, Germany, 18.11.2014 21:58, (ROMEA) The Washington Post reports that the town of Wunsiedel in southeastern Germany has become a sort of traditional pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis. Until the year 2011, it was the burial place of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's second deputy after Göring.  full story

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