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October 22, 2020




Michal Semín (in the center, holding a flag) at an event of the ultraconservative D.O.S.T. initiative, which supported the
Michal Semín (in the center, holding a flag) at an event of the ultraconservative D.O.S.T. initiative, which supported the "Freedom and Direct Democracy of Tomio Okamura" movement, which nominated Semín for the board of the Czech News Agency. (PHOTO: Wikipedia)

Czech military intelligence: Extremists' Islamophobic declarations legitimize the ideology of radical Islamists

25.10.2017 13:37 The wave of Islamophobia that spread during the refugee crisis has influenced the radicalization of Muslims in Europe. Czech Military Intelligence (VZ) makes that assertion in its annual report for 2016.  full story

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Czech MP Stanislav Huml shares Holocaust denial video online

16.8.2016 13:21 The weekly Euro in the Czech Republic reports that Stanislav Huml, an MP for the Czech Social Democratic Party, has published a video denying the Holocaust to his Facebook profile. The video, which Huml called "brutal and [politically] incorrect" but "inspiring", is a sort of criticism of the "ethnomasochism" of Western civilization, defined as a feeling of guilt for the historical injustices of colonialism, slavery, etc., including what the video terms the "alleged" Holocaust.  full story

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German Police in Lower Saxony raid Islamist radicals

29.7.2016 15:35 Police in Lower Saxony, Germany, have conducted extensive raids against so-called Salafists who profess a radical form of Islam. The action targeted the association of the German-language Islamic Circle (DIK).  full story

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Bulgaria: Anti-Romani protests in southern town of Radnevo

8.5.2016 9:14 Anti-Romani unrest broke out last Wednesday in the southern Bulgarian town of Radnevo. Approximately 2 000 Bulgarians demonstrated for a fair investigation of a brawl on Monday between three ethnic Bulgarians and four men from a local Romani family that resulted in serious injuries.  full story

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Czech authorities indict leader of anti-Islam movement for inciting hatred on Facebook

25.11.2015 21:24 The chair of the Bloc against Islam, Martin Konvička, was charged with inciting hatred against Muslims on 18 November over remarks he posted to Facebook. His legal representative, Klára Samková, announced the news to journalists yesterday.  full story

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Trial of the Czech cell of Blood & Honour enters its final phase

17.10.2015 15:27 A nine-member group of alleged neo-Nazis from various parts of the Czech Republic has been on trial before the Regional Court in Plzeň since February. From 12-13 October, closing arguments in the case were made by the prosecution, the attorney for the victims, and two of the defendants gave final statements.  full story

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Bulgaria: Mayor of Garmen says anti-Romani protests are being exploited for political gain

26.5.2015 18:28 Anti-Romani protests broke out in the municipality of Garmen in southwestern Bulgaria on Saturday. Those protesting say they have long had conflicts with some occupants of temporary housing near their community.  full story

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Hungary: Life in prison for murdering Romani people

9.5.2015 14:14 Yesterday the Associated Press reported that a Hungarian appeals court has upheld the sentencing of four men responsible for attacks on Romani people during which six individuals, including a five-year-old boy, died in 2008 and 2009. Three perpetrators were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 2013 and the appeals court has now agreed with that verdict.  full story

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