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June 29, 2022



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Czech actors Václav Neužil (left) and Halka Třešňáková (right). (PHOTO:  collage by ROMEA)
Czech actors Václav Neužil (left) and Halka Třešňáková (right). (PHOTO: collage by ROMEA)

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Jarmila Balážová now a member of the Barvalipe Academy of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture

15.6.2018 12:26 On 8 June, to mark the first anniversary of the establishment of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC), the Berlin-based organization has announced the first seven Barvalipe Academy members nominated by ERIAC's “Pakiv” Board. These outstanding Romani personalities of the contemporary arts and culture scene are expected to guide ERIAC in defining its strategy and future activities.  full story

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Yvetta Blanarovičová: Talent alone is not enough

30.12.2017 11:25 "Very often children join this project who have chaos inside them, they don't know how to learn, they have no aims - they just have talent. Then it's up to us to give them direction and raise up what is unique in them," says Yvetta Blanarovičová about her aid to gifted children whose families are unable to support them.  full story

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Jana Horváthová: Today Czech society perceives removing the pig farm from the Roma genocide site as necessary

19.12.2017 6:01 On Thursday, 23 November a breakthrough moment happened with the signing of the contract to buy out the pig farm in Lety u Písku. The farm has been standing since the 1970s on the place where, during the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, a so-called "Gypsy camp" used to be, a place where Czech Roma and Sinti were forcibly interned in order to then be transported to Auschwitz.  full story

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Documentary film about Romani activist Jožka Miker brings his energy to the screen

27.9.2017 7:56 The following article is reprinted from the summertime double issue of the magazine Romano voďi. It was published prior to the Czech Government officially announcing it would be buying the pig farm at Lety.
 full story

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Pavlína Matiová: I'm happy when I can sing in Romanes

19.5.2017 8:47 She's always smiling and in a good mood, and on top of that the Lord has given her an amazing voice. The 28-year-old native of Roudnice nad Labem always dreamed she would be a singer.  full story

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Jan Cina: I've appropriated the term "Gypsy" for myself, not to suit others

17.4.2017 7:38 Even though JAN CINA (age 29) has recently never stopped appearing on either cinema screens or theater stages in the Czech Republic, he still made time to be interviewed by Romano voďi magazine. With his typically boyish, crisp diction, he told us how he zig-zags between alternative creations and commercial projects, what he believes about politically engaged art and how he perceives his own Romani identity.  full story

First issue of Romano voďi magazine features Romani author Oksana Marafioti on the life of Roma in Georgia

29.3.2017 10:56 Whether we like it or not, since time immemorial stories have wielded great power over our lives. They can be legends, myths, or the narratives of political regimes and religions.  full story

Response to adoptive mother's blog about article

Prague, 10.7.2014 20:42, (ROMEA) On Thursday, 3 July, news server published an article by Saša Uhlová entitled Adoption and foster care: "We had room at the table". That article, which was about foster care and the stories of those who decide to aid parentless children, touched on the book Year of the Rooster (Rok kohouta) by the author Tereza Boučková.  full story

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Jarmila Balážová to become spokesperson for Czech Human Rights Minister

Prague, 28.2.2014 20:47, (ROMEA) Jarmila Balážová, the chair of the administrative board of ROMEA, o.p.s. and the editor-in-chief of the monthly Romano voďi, is leaving those positions after 12 years. She will become the spokesperson for Jiří Dienstbier, Minister of Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation who chairs the Czech Government's Legislative Council, and will also manage a government department.  full story

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