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March 20, 2019
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Romská demokratická strana

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Commentary: Czech tabloid quotes Romani man as opposing inclusive education, other Romani representatives respond

3.5.2016 7:52 The Czech tabloid has been engaged in a campaign to prevent the closure of the separate special needs schools and to prevent the abolition of the "Appendix to the Framework Education Program on Mild Mental Disability". As part of that campaign, the tabloid chose to contact Andrej Lučka, the regional chair of the Romani Democratic Party in Rokycany and the chair of the "Help Roma" organization (and apparently a special school graduate himself), who told the tabloid, among other things, that he will "Defend [his] practical and special school at any cost, even with pitchforks".  full story

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Czech Republic: Criminal investigation to be sought over Romani Democratic Party's annual report

30.4.2016 15:02 Czech MPs from the Audit Committee in the lower house, which is in charge of monitoring political parties' annual reports, are of the opinion that the annual financial report of the Romani Democratic Party for 2015 contains a falsified auditor's statement. The MPs are apparently planning to file a criminal report in the matter.  full story

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Mário Rusenko: Romale, we've had enough, it's time to unite

Děčín/Prague, 14.8.2014 17:53, (ROMEA) The demonstration held by Lukáš Kohout yesterday in Děčín became a farce. Kohout didn't have sound equipment and not many people turned out, just a couple of his supporters and other people who there just to watch.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani figures rebuke Romani entrepreneur for anti-Roma slurs

Brno/Prague, 11.6.2014 23:22, (ROMEA) The Brno-based entrepreneur Rastislav Lučanský, who recently ran as an EP candidate, will be leaving the Romani Democratic Party (Romská demokratická strana- RDS) to establish his own political movement. Lučanský is said to have failed to reach an understanding with his RDS colleagues.  full story

Approximately 300 people participated on Sunday 6 October 2013 in the Roma Pride march in Prague (Repro PHOTO: Vít Hassan)

videoCzech Republic: Roma Pride 2013 marches through Prague

Prague, 6.10.2013 20:48, (ROMEA) Approximately 300 people participated in the Roma Pride 2013 march today in Prague. The parade set out from the Old Town Square at around 13:00 for Prague Castle.  full story

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Czech fact-checkers find untruth in interview with Romani party chair

Prague, 5.10.2013 18:38, (ROMEA) Miroslav Tancoš, the chair of the Romani Democratic Party (Romská demokratická strana - RDS), was recently featured in the Czech Television program "Interview with Daniela Drtinová" (Interview Daniely Drtinové). Tancoš presented the party's plans for the upcoming elections, in which it is fielding candidates in only a few regions.  full story

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