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August 11, 2022



Romani candidates

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Czech elections: 13 Romani local assembly members, no Romani senators

7.10.2018 11:31 Yesterday at 14:00 polls closed in the Czech Republic after voters had the opportunity to choose their local assembly members and, in one-third of the country, 27 Senators. News server has followed the results in selected municipalities with larger numbers of Romani candidates who stood a reasonable chance of election.  full story

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Czech local elections see at least 150 Romani men and women running

10.9.2018 14:20 At least 150 Romani candidates are running in local elections this autumn in the Czech Republic for seats on city councils and local assemblies. Voting will take place on Friday, 5 October and Saturday, 6 October in more than 6 200 municipalities where more than 200 000 candidates are competing  full story

OPEN CALL for 5th CoE Dialogue with Roma and Traveller Civil Society next month - DEADLINE 27 MAY to apply

6.5.2018 9:30 The Roma and Travellers Team at the Council of Europe (CoE)has announced there is an open call for participation in the Council of Europe's 5th Dialogue with civil society from Roma and Traveller communities around Europe, which will be held this year from 20-21 June in Strasbourg, France. This meeting will focus on the issue of political participation by Roma and Travellers.   full story

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Moldova: First Romani women elected to local government

25.10.2015 7:20 UN Women reports that this summer's local elections in Moldova resulted in the election of two Romani women for the first time. A total of 15 Romani candidates, seven of them women, ran in the June elections.  full story

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