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August 17, 2022




A Slovak-Romani textbook and Czech-Romani dictionary. Collage:
A Slovak-Romani textbook and Czech-Romani dictionary. Collage:

Charles University in Prague publishes online explanation of Romanes spelling rules

2.11.2017 11:38 The website of the Romani Studies Seminar at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, has published an online popularization of its explanation of the rules for orthography in the Romanes language. The Czech-language online guidelines are available to all editors, teachers, writers and anybody using written Romanes in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

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The results of the 2016 Romano suno Romanes-language Literary Competition for children run by Nová škola, o. p. s. and the L iterary Contest for Romani Students run by ROMEA, o.p.s. were announced in the presence of a representative of the Office of the Czech Government, Martin Martínek. (PHOTO:  Nová škola, o. p. s.)

Czech Republic: Romanes-language literary contest celebrates its 20th year

18.4.2017 9:12 The Nová škola NGO has announced its jubilee 20th annual literary competition, Romano suno, which gives young Romani authors the opportunity to descibe how they see the world around them and be appreciated for their knowledge of Romanes, a language that is not ordinarily spoken in public. The majority society also has an opportunity to learn more about the world of Romani children and to increase their own awareness of Romanes as a full-fledged language.  full story

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videoIs this the official version of the international Romani anthem?

27.3.2015 22:45, (ROMEA) The authors of the website are claiming that for the first time in history, the international Romani anthem, "Gelem, gelem", now exists in an official, standardized form. The anthem has been recorded in three versions: A choral one, an instrumental one, and a solo vocal one.  full story

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US Ambassador attends award ceremony for dozens of gifted Romani children in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic, 22.12.2014 7:53, (ROMEA) Sixty nominated children and young people gathered on Thursday 11 December at the American Center in Prague for the celebratory announcement of the winners of this year's Romani suno ("Romani Dream") competition, most of them accompanied by teachers or workers with the nonprofit organizations where the children attend classes. Other children arrived together with their parents from the towns of Brno. Plzeň, Ostrava, Ústí and Vsetín.  full story

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Czech Radio archive has Romani-language recording from the 1968 invasion

Prague, 21.8.2014 21:50, (ROMEA) News server reports that for years a Romani-language recording from 25 August 1968 has gone unnoticed in the Czech Radio archive. The Czechoslovak Radio broadcasts during and after the 1968 invasion are considered historic.  full story

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Czech Gov't report: More than 41 000 people consider Romanes their mother tongue

Prague, 9.4.2014 18:40, (ROMEA) More than 41 000 people in the Czech Republic consider Romanes their mother tongue. Four-fifths of them also consider Czech their mother tongue as well.  full story

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Czech EdMin against educating Romani children separately in Romanes

Prague, 7.4.2014 23:54, (ROMEA) The Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MŠMT) has responded to proposals made by the TOP 09 party, specifically, by Czech MP Anna Putnová, about the education of Romani children and has fundamentally rejected them. Czech Education Minister Marcel Chládek said the notion of instructing Romani children in both Czech and Romanes or placing them in segregated classes was counterproductive and ill-conceived.  full story

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Czech Republic: Roma say they want English, not Romanes in schools

Prague, 3.4.2014 18:38, (ROMEA) A proposal by MPs from the TOP 09 party in the Czech Republic for primary school instruction to be partially conducted in Romanes with Romani children is considered dubious by many Romani people. Czech MP Anna Putnová put forward the idea, saying that teaching some subjects in Romanes would make it easier for children from Romani families to transition into the "Czech" schools.  full story

Czech Radio: TOP 09 party proposes teaching Romani children in Romanes

Prague, 2.4.2014 21:00, (ROMEA) Czech Radio reports that the TOP 09 party is proposing that Romani children be partially educated in the language they speak with their families, which the party believes is Romanes. Proponents say the move would break down linguistic barriers and make instruction easier.  full story

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Roma in the Czech Republic losing their language, parents not speaking it with children

Prague, 16.2.2014 19:38, (ROMEA) News server reports that Romani people in the Czech Republic are gradually losing their knowledge of the language of their forebears. Children in particular are not mastering Romanes.  full story

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The Romanes language celebrates its international day today

Prague, 5.11.2013 22:53, (ROMEA) Aspirated sounds and an eighth additional case - those are just some of the differences between the Czech and Romanes languages. As part of the International Day of the Romani Language, we reflect on these differences today.  full story

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Czech Museum of Roma Culture could merge with another, community is against it

Brno/Prague, 27.3.2013 16:36, (ROMEA) The Museum of Roma Culture is threatened with the prospect of being merged with the Moravian Museum in Brno on the basis of the first phase of saving measures approved by the Czech Government at its meeting on 16 January 2013. At its most recent session this past Monday, the Inter-ministerial Commission on Roma Community Affairs has expressed its disagreement with this plan.  full story

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