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July 15, 2020
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The "oeuvre" of the social media user "Arnošt Hibler" involves invective against Jewish people and those who are not white. His ideal of beauty - those who are the "children of God", in his view - are Slavs. They are also meant to be the "chosen" nation who will cut off America's head, as this graphic posted to his social media profile illustrates. (2020)

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Russian social network blocks "Miss Hitler" beauty contest after Israeli media contact

22.9.2018 9:56 The news server reports that Russia's online social network Vkontakte (VK), which is similar to the US-based social network Facebook, has blocked a page dedicated to Adolf Hitler that was hosting an online beauty competition called "Miss Hitler". Hundreds of people voted online in the contest and, according to the Hadashot television station in Israel, it was participated in by contestants from Germany, Italy, Russia and the  full story

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Russia: The World Cup begins with concerns about homophobia, racism, and violence

16.6.2018 17:13 The World Cup could mean many bans and restrictions for Russian people themselves which the authorities hope will increase security for the more than one million football fans from all over the world coming to Moscow. Some media outlets and foreign authorities are warning visitors against possible World Cup pitfalls.  full story

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Czech Republic: ROMEA calls for boycott of performances by Romani group and Russian military ensemble, rejects Russian propaganda

14.5.2017 9:35 On 11 May the "Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian Army named after A. V. Alexandrov", also known as the Red Army Ensemble, performed in Zlín, Czech Republic. The evening was the first of 10 appearances scheduled around the Czech Republic as part of their European tour and they are accompanied by a special guest performer, the band GIPSY 4 EVER, featuring lead singer Xavier Padilla from the legendary but now defunct Gipsy Kings band.  full story

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Czech Republic to chair Council of Europe, claims human rights are a priority

5.5.2017 10:48 The Czech Republic will take up the presidency of the Council of Europe on 19 May and says that it will emphasize human rights, the rule of law, support for democracy and education. Those priorities for the presidency have been approved by the Czech Government, according to a tweet by cabinet spokesperson Martin Ayrer.  full story

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American Ambassador to Czech Republic Cites Roma Causes, Russian Threat in Final Press Conference

19.1.2017 13:15 Outgoing American ambassador to the Czech Republic Andrew Schapiro said that supporting Roma causes was one of the things that has made him "most proud" during his time here and cited progress to remove the pig farm at the Roma Holocaust site in Lety as another positive development.  full story

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Commentary: Merkel, refugees, no to terrorism, Echo24 "mooing", Putin has already won

12.8.2016 17:24 This commentary reflects on selected events from this past week in the media. Commentator František Kostlán gives us his take on the news.  full story

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Czech-language disinformation websites spread pro-Kremlin propaganda, are anti-Romani and racist

31.7.2016 12:16 The organization European Values (Evropské hodnoty) says that an economic, media and political disinformation campaign has been underway in the Czech Republic for a long time that is part of the hybrid warfare being waged by the Russian Federation against Western democracies, and that the intensity of this propaganda significantly increased at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. As part of its Kremlin Watch project, the organization has compiled a list of disinformation websites including the characteristics of their content and the authors they publish in order to help readers orient themselves in the pro-Kremlin scene.  full story

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Russia: Romani residents of Tula rebel over gas supplies

29.5.2016 11:35 In one of the biggest Romani settlements in Russia a mass battle took place several weeks ago between local residents and police. The cause was the efforts of gas technicians to cut the Romani residents off from a gas pipe they had illegally been tapping.  full story

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Ethnic, religious, sexual minorities now suffering more discrimination in occupied Crimea and Donbas

23.8.2015 20:55 The Interfax-Ukraine News Agency reports that human rights activists have issued a report entitled "In the Crosscurrents: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Ukraine" that finds discrimination has significantly increased against minorities in occupied Crimea and Donbas. Dimitrina Petrova, Executive Director of the Equal Rights Trust, presented the report at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Friday.  full story

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Czech Republic: Anarchists in Prague protest police raid and war

1.5.2015 23:25 More than 200 anarchists marched through Prague on 1 May from the Shooter's Island (Střelecký ostrov) in the Vltava River to náměstí Míru (Square of Peace). The event was a protest against a nationwide police raid against extremists this week and against war.  full story

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Czech branch of Russia's "Wotan Jugend" to stand trial

14.4.2015 1:00 Police and prosecutors have completed their investigation into the case of the establishment of a Czech cell of the neo-Nazi organization Wotan Jugend, based in Russia. Five people charged with the crimes of establishing, supporting and promoting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms will stand trial on Wednesday, 15 April.  full story

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Commentary: Russian propaganda claims both "Jews" and "Nazis" now rule Ukraine

Prague, 4.2.2015 2:01, (ROMEA) Every kind of propaganda involves various absurdities, and the current propaganda in favor of Russia, as well as the propaganda coming straight from Russia, is no exception. The greatest paradoxes come from the generalizations this propaganda involves.  full story

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