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October 14, 2019
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The 2019 unrest in Chemodanovka, Penza Oblast, Russia. (PHOTO:  Telekanal 360)
The 2019 unrest in Chemodanovka, Penza Oblast, Russia. (PHOTO: Telekanal 360)

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Russia: Massacre of Romani people in the Urals, two dead, six injured, media reporting is biased

14.9.2016 7:56 A tragic exchange of gunfire in Russia between a group of Romani people and three local non-Romani businessmen on Saturday, 3 September has resulted in the deaths of two Romani people and the injury of six. Some media outlets in Russia are reporting the incident as an assault perpetrated by a group of armed Roma on some unsuspecting local entrepreneurs who had no choice but to defend their own lives and protect their family members.  full story

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Czech media analysis warns of pro-Kremlin websites: Dangerous propaganda and unfair reporting

25.6.2016 12:39 Pro-Kremlin websites in the Czech Republic, primarily the online tabloid Parlamentní listy, are exploiting sophisticated methods for manipulating public opinion that break all the rules of professional journalism. Those are the results of an analysis performed by political scientists at Masaryk University with the support of the European Values think tank.  full story

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Russia: Mass demolition of homes in one of the biggest Romani settlements

18.6.2016 9:24 The situation in the municipality of Plechanovo, one of the biggest Romani settlements in Russia, where mass street fighting occurred several weeks ago between local residents and police over efforts by the gas utility to cut Romani residents off from the gas lines, has deteriorated further. Starting in the first week of June, the illegal constructions in which local Romani people are living have been demolished.  full story

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Commentary: Zeman, consciously dividing Czech society, is no President

Prague, 29.10.2014 18:13, (ROMEA) We Czechs always manage to find something that will reliably divide us and invoke our emotions - and with them, our intransigence full of resentment towards others. Let's recall the presidential elections, when one camp attacked and the other counter-attacked.  full story

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Czech lawmakers propose honors for the "Eight Brave Ones" from Red Square

Prague, 19.6.2014 21:32, (ROMEA) The Czech Chamber of Deputies will evidently be proposing that Czech President Miloš Zeman honor the deceased Russian dissident Natalya Gorbanyevskaya and the rest of the "Eight Brave Ones" who demonstrated in Moscow's Red Square against the occupation of Czechoslovakia by troops from the socialist bloc in August 1968. The Organizational Committee of the lower house recommended the lawmakers make the proposal yesterday.  full story

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Russia commemorates the 69th anniversary of the end of WWII

Moscow, 9.5.2014 19:26, (ROMEA) Russia commemorated the 69th anniversary of the end of the Second World War this morning with a large military parade on Red Square in Moscow featuring 11 000 soldiers. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech there focused on the historical significance of the victory over Nazism.  full story

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Commentary: The human rights of salesman Miloš Zeman

Prague, 8.5.2014 2:16, (ROMEA) One of the biggest sins of the pre-1989 regime was its conceptual confusion, its twisting of words to mean something other than what they originally stood for, and its emptying what was said of all meaning. The word "peace", for example, actually meant the Cold War, while the nickname of "People's Democracy" meant the dictatorship of the proletariat.  full story

ERRC Condemns Anti-Romani Actions in Russia

Budapest, 7.2.2007 13:37, (ROMEA/ERRC) On 1 February 2007, the ERRC sent two letters to Russian authorities expressing concern at anti-Romani actions in the country and urging immediate action to end such incidents.  full story

Volzhsk Police Launch Raids Against Roma

Volzhsk, Russia, 1.2.2007 11:42, (UCSJ) Police in the city of Volzhsk, Russia (Volgograd region) have launched a massive operation to round up Roma (Gypsies), according to a January 30, 2007 report by the Russian human rights web site Citing a local Roma leader, the article reports that since January 24 police have singled out Roma in an operation called “Tabor” (Gypsy camp).  full story

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