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August 12, 2022



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Commentary: Ethnicity and social inclusion - some data, some Jedi Knights, and some methodological remarks

13.4.2017 12:09 Should data disaggregated by ethnicity be collected, or not? Is such data collection at all morally acceptable?  full story

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Interview with Czech Vice-Mayor who believes the Govt method for identifying Romani people crosses the line

17.3.2017 8:57

Ivan Langr, the Vice-Mayor of Liberec who is opposed to the "Romani census" that the Czech Government requires for its annual report on the state of the Romani minority, has taken a sharp stand recently. He has even compared the method of estimating who is Romani according to people's appearance to the approaches taken by members of the SS during the Second World War. 

 full story

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Czech Vice-Mayor says Czech Govt's method for collecting data about Romani people is "inhumane"

16.3.2017 10:55 The Czech town of Liberec is refusing to send a report about the state of the Romani minority to the Regional Authority for delivery to the Office of the Czech Government. Such a report has, for years, served as background material for a nationwide report on that issue.  full story

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Czech Govt Human Rights Commissioner: We must know how many Romani pupils are taught as "lightly mentally disabled"

Prague, 27.9.2013 18:02, (ROMEA) At the start of this week, the Czech School Inspectorate called on the directors of all schools teaching five or more pupils with light mental disability in the 2013-2013 academic year (i.e., according to the Framework Educational Program for Primary Education of Pupils with Light Brain Dysfunction) to complete a questionnaire with updated information about their schools. One of the questions asks the directors to provide their professional estimate of the number of Romani pupils in each class.  full story

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Patrik Banga: Counting Romani children in the schools? Yes!

Prague, 27.9.2013 1:07, (ROMEA) The Czech School Inspectorate has asked school directors to count the number of Romani pupils with light mental disability in their schools. The Czech Education Ministry needs this data in order to demonstrate to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg that the number of Romani children ending up with the "light mental disability" label because of prejudice has been decreasing in the Czech Republic.  full story

Czech School Inspectorate wants to count Romani pupils at "special" schools

Prague, 23.9.2013 21:22, (ROMEA) The Czech School Inspectorate wants to once again count the number of Romani pupils attending the "practical primary schools" (previously called "special" schools). According to the Association of Special Educators (Asociace speciálních pedagogů - ASP), however, that is neither permitted nor possible.  full story

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