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January 21, 2020
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An assistant to an educator in the Czech schools. (PHOTO:  Nová škola)
An assistant to an educator in the Czech schools. (PHOTO: Nová škola)

videoSlovakia: Romani girl from bad neighborhood did the best on entrance exams, now tutors others

15.6.2018 13:37 Eva Marie Duždová, a Romani girl from Slovakia, is living proof that we should abandon our prejudices and not look at the world in terms of black or white. Eva just came in first place during the entrance examinations for an eight-year college preparatory school in Prešov.  full story

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Czech party wants to abolish compulsory preschool, former EdMin calls it a cheap gesture

5.2.2018 6:59 The Civic Democratic Party (ODS) has proposed abolishing compulsory preschool for five-year-olds and would also like to get rid of their legal obligation to accept children as young as two, which according to the current law will be introduced two years from now. The Government will first assess the bill.  full story

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New Czech Education Minister to focus on which diagnoses do not necessitate inclusive education

17.1.2018 6:32 The new Czech Education Minister, Robert Plaga, says that because educating children together inclusively concerns tens of thousands of children in the Czech Republic, he does not intend to cancel the recently-introduced programs designed for that approach. "It makes sense to discuss to what degree those children should be provided support, or, for example, how to most effectively get them the support they need," he said in an interview for news server  full story

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Stano Daniel: Will a renovated nursery school have to close in Romania? Support for Romani child development is crucial

29.5.2017 7:22 The creation of the Ready Set Go! project in Romania has supported over a thousand young Romani children and their families. However, as the funding is ending, the future of the project is in doubt. On the occasion of the International Roma Day on April 8, 2017, the Romani Early Years Network (REYN), the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) organized a roundtable discussion in Brussels to discuss the future of similar projects. The event hosted by the European Foundation Centre’s (EFC) Forum for Roma Inclusion highlighted the benefits of pilot actions and identified additional ways to bring European Union policies closer to Romani children, to make the changes more sustainable.PARA  full story

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Czech nursery school registrations have opened - five-year-olds must enroll or their parents face a fine

5.5.2017 10:12 The compulsory enrollment of children into nursery schools in the Czech Republic began on 2 May. Children who will be five years old this autumn, even those who have never attended preschool before, are legally obliged to enroll.  full story

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Czech survey finds most people not opposed to inclusion, but children living with disabilities or Romani children raise concerns

27.3.2017 17:28 Most people in the Czech Republic (53 %) are not against including children living with disabilities into mainstream classes as long as certain conditions are fulfilled. The groups of people who have extreme opinions about inclusion - whether against it or for it - are smaller.  full story

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videoCzech TV program features Romani university students

24.1.2017 7:08 On 22 January the Czech Television program "168 Hours" (168 hodin) broadcast a reportage about Romani college students. Prior to 1989 only about 20 Romani people had ever made it to study in institutions of higher learning in the Czech Republic, but today, according to reporter Martin Mikule, there are hundreds.  full story

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Tabloid interview with son of former Czech President about inclusive education features untruths

26.11.2016 10:10 The Czech tabloid Blesk has published an interview with Václav Klaus, Jr., the son of the former Czech President who was once the principal of a private high school in Prague, featuring the headline "Inclusion is a crime against disabled children". Tomáš Hečko, who is the parent of a child with Down Sydrome and a media professional, has reviewed the piece.  full story

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Commentary: The local dispute over "counting Roma"

11.11.2016 8:03 A very typical dispute about the "counting of Romani children" has exploded in the Czech towns of Krásná Lípa and Rumburk. Local media distortions are a part of it.  full story

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Czech Republic: ROMEA awards scholarships to Romani secondary school students

25.10.2016 10:27 More than 50 Roma students at higher vocational schools and high schools in the Czech Republic received scholarships yesterday in Prague from the ROMEA organization. The stipends aid those whose studies are endangered by their families' bad financial situations.  full story

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Czech President says he vetoed education amendment because of inclusion

5.5.2016 8:53 Czech President Miloš Zeman has vetoed an amendment to the Schools Act that would introduce mandatory school-leaving examinations in mathematics and places in preschools for two-year-old children. Jiří Ovčáček, spokesperson for the Office of the President, communicated the news to the Czech News Agency yesterday.  full story

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International study claims Romani children still discriminated against in education in Europe

26.4.2016 11:35 While the situation is slowly improving, discrimination and segregation of Romani children in the Czech education system still persists more than eight years after the judgment in the case of "D.H. and Others versus the Czech Republic". In that judgment, the European Court for Human Rights ruled that 18 Romani children had been illegally assigned to "special schools".  full story

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Czech Senate approves education amendment in full, opponents of inclusion failed to convince them otherwise

25.4.2016 13:44 Last week the Czech Senate adopted an amendment to the law on education in full despite the fact that many reservations to it have been expressed. The vote means that new rules for inclusion in the Czech schools will apply as of September.  full story

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Analysis: Czech daily reprints eight-year-old dissenting opinions of Strasbourg judgment on racial discrimination in education

22.3.2016 18:20 The Czech daily Právo has published a report on the dissenting opinions of judges on the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg stating that the Czech Republic lost the D.H. case at that venue in 2007 because the state had attempted to educate Romani people. The fact that the statements are eight years old did not prevent the daily from making them the main story of yesterday's edition.  full story

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