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October 23, 2021




An anti-Roma demonstration in Varnsdorf in 2011.
An anti-Roma demonstration in Varnsdorf in 2011.

Czech Republic marks five years since the anti-Romani unrest in the Šluknov foothills

4.8.2016 14:17 Do you remember the summer of 2011, when the Czech Republic was shaken by anti-Roma unrest that seemed to come out of nowhere? "It's not against the Roma," the main
actors involved, who came from the ranks of local politicians, said at the time when asked to describe what was happening.  full story

Czech Republic: Mayors of Šluknov district criticize ministers for not keeping promises

Rumburk, 12.10.2011 11:41, (ROMEA) Mayors of towns in the Šluknov foothills are criticizing the Czech Interior Ministry and the Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry. The Interior Ministry has allegedly not kept promises made at the end of August, and the measures being taken by the Labor Ministry are said to be ineffective. Gabriela Doušová, spokesperson for the Rumburk town hall, made the announcement to the Czech Press Agency today on behalf of the Association for the Development of Šluknov District. Police President Petr Lessy is also being criticized for reportedly reducing the number of state police on the streets of the region´s towns despite promises to the contrary.  full story

Al Jazeera: Roma minority struggle to find a place

Prague, 26.9.2011 22:36, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic, Roma clash with ethnic Czechs as unemployment and crime plague neighbourhoods.  full story

Galina Trefil: While "Never Again" Happens Again

Ukiah, Kalifornie, USA, 26.9.2011 15:01, (ROMEA) 1959. A pair of determined, 19-year-old Romani male eyes stare down one of the many guard towers with which the Iron Curtain has surrounded Czechoslovakia. Though well within range of the machine guns’ fire, he takes a deep breath and suddenly darts illegally across the border. He moves through a river and then shakes himself dry momentarily on the other side. If he is shot, he will not be the first one in his family to be killed by an oppressive regime. For the rest of his life, he will never know how many brothers he has—only that they died by machine gun as children under Hitler’s tyranny.  full story

400 ethnic Czechs march through Varnsdorf in yet another attempted pogrom on Romani residents

Varnsdorf, 17.9.2011 17:11, (ROMEA) Varnsdorf has experienced yet another tense Saturday. At 10 AM a debate between the town leadership and local residents began in the local cinema. At 2 PM, a rally was held on the town square; both it and a subsequent march on the Sport residential hotel were properly announced and led by convicted con artist Lukáš Kohout and supported by extremists from the Workers' Social Justice Party (DSSS). News server had correspondents on the scene who reported online during the course of the day.  full story

Demonstrators in Varnsdorf protesting non-existent "influx" of Roma

Prague, 15.9.2011 13:57, (ROMEA) Demonstrators in the Czech town of Varnsdorf are complaining that a large number of Romani people have recently moved into the town who, in the opinion of a large number of dissatisfied residents, are responsible for rising crime there. Locals have been focusing their anger primarily on the residents of two residential hotels, one municipally-owned and one privately-owned. However, according to information reported by Czech radio station Radiožurnál, no one new has moved into the residential hotels recently.  full story

Czech President: Unrest must end, state must intervene with force

Prague, 12.9.2011 22:11, (ROMEA) Czech President Václav Klaus believes the state should mercilessly intervene with force to bring an end to any further unrest in North Bohemia. He made the remarks during an interview with the Czech daily Mladá fronta DNES during a visit to the Karlovy Vary region. It was the first statement the president had made about the situation in the Šluknov foothills, where tensions have erupted between ethnic Czechs and Romani people. However, the president also said state intervention is just a short-term solution and that ghettos must be prevented from being created in the first place, news server reports.  full story

Czech Republic: Another peace gathering against racism and violence scheduled

Šluknov district, 8.9.2011 20:07, (ROMEA) A group of concerned citizens has issued a declaration in response to the ongoing events in the Šluknov foothills. The authors call on everyone to support their declaration and participate in peaceful gatherings of citizens against racism and violence. The first such gathering will take place this Friday, 9 September 2011 at 18:00 in the "Na Kopečku" Evangelical Church in Rumburk on Krásnolipská street. In their statement, the authors of this petition write that they are aware that many residents are angered by the current social situation in the Šluknov district. However, they do not agree with hateful, violent displays aimed against all Romani people like the displays that have regularly occurred at each demonstration or gathering of citizens that has taken place in various parts of the district during recent weeks.  full story

Mob of ethnic Czechs tries to attack Romani residents in Varnsdorf

Varnsdorf, 3.9.2011 20:00, (ROMEA) Several hundred ethnic Czechs marched through the town of Varnsdorf for two hours yesterday in an attempt to attack Romani residents of the Sport residential hotel. Approximately 250 people assembled on the town square and hundreds more joined the mob as it proceeded through town. Police eventually closed down all streets leading to the residential hotel before 19:00 and halted the protesters.  full story

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