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September 18, 2021



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Czech Labor and Social Affairs Minister Jana Maláčová is interviewed by ROMEA TV during a working session of the Chamber of Deputies' Health and Social Committee that was held at the infamously excluded Chanov housing estate (2019). (PHOTO:  ROMEA)
Czech Labor and Social Affairs Minister Jana Maláčová is interviewed by ROMEA TV during a working session of the Chamber of Deputies' Health and Social Committee that was held at the infamously excluded Chanov housing estate (2019). (PHOTO: ROMEA)

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Czech Public Defender of Rights calls for social housing law, says media should stop blaming Roma

13.7.2018 20:40 At the beginning of this month the annual report on the activity of the Office of the Public Defender of Rights, Anna Šabatová, was discussed in the Czech lower house. The report included motions for Government review that Šabatová last managed to bring forward in 2014.
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Czech Republic must change its approach to homelessness, international experts advise

22.11.2017 17:12 On 20 November, international experts on how to address homelessness and housing shortages from Finland, France and the United States of America visited Prague to recommend the Czech Republic transform the way it addresses these issues. According to the experts, the only actually functional solution in the world, including for the Czech Republic, is to systematically house homeless persons with support and to prevent their being made homeless in time - this is the only way to reduce their numbers and saves the state the most financially as well.  full story

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Czech social housing law adoption nowhere in sight, MPs haven't moved to second reading

27.4.2017 8:17 On 25 April the Czech Chamber of Deputies once again failed to close its opening debate of the draft law on social housing prepared by the Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry. The chances of the law being adopted before the autumn elections continue to sink.  full story

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Czech Govt Agency for Social Inclusion director says both housing and social workers necessary to social housing

20.2.2017 9:10 A conference on social housing was held on Tuesday, 14 February in Prague's Lichtenstein Palace by the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion in collaboration with the Salvation Army of the Czech Republic. Its aim was to present examples of practical experiences with developing and launching social housing systems in the Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech Regional Development Minister reluctantly supports social housing law

13.2.2017 8:21 Czech Regional Development Minister Karla Šlechtová (for ANO) has signed off on the Government's proposed social housing legislation, with reservations. The minister used online social networks to make her disagreement known at the start of February.  full story

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Czech initiative says those in need of housing will not receive it unless law requires it

17.1.2017 8:59 The "Have a Home" (Mít svůj domov) initiative, which brings together more than 90 organizations working in the social sphere, resolutely rejects the Czech Government's proposal not to legally require municipalities to provide social housing in the Law on Social Housing now being drafted. The initiative says that if the law does not require municipalities to provide social housing for needy groups or create some other guarantee that aid will be provided by the state to those in need of housing, most of the 200 000 people now in need of housing will not be housed.  full story

Poll shows 71 % of Czechs support adoption of a social housing law

9.1.2017 9:35 The Platform for Social Housing reports that most Czechs believe a law should exist establishing an obligation for municipalities to maintain a certain number of social apartments to offer to citizens in need of housing. Those are the findings of a representative public opinion poll implemented by the MEDIAN agency for the Association of the Child and Family and the Platform for Social Housing.  full story

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Former Czech Human Rights Minister: PM is abandoning the fight against poverty

25.11.2016 19:05 Czech Television has focused very carefully and in detail on the past eight years of efforts to achieve social inclusion in the Czech Republic in a recent installment of its 90' program. Together with the current director of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion, Radek Jiránek, I was briefly involved in the program's very cultivated, expert debate of this issue, but as I was traveling back home, I was overcome by the concern that the time for this kind of effective, substantive policy for the fight against poverty, which actually will save our money and that of future generations, has already passed.  full story

Czech Human Rights Minister opens important expert conference on social housing

21.9.2016 17:07 On Friday, 16 September, an expert conference entitled "Social housing: Sharing practices and draft legislation" was held at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and attended by academic experts, representatives of organizations involved in social housing, and social workers. The conference discussed experiences and practical problems, familiarizing those present with the current draft of legislative changes in this area.  full story

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Czech Supreme Audit Office: People who are not disadvantaged at all are being awarded "social housing"

29.3.2016 23:27 State-subsidized apartments are being leased by people in the Czech Republic who are not living with any kind of medical or social disadvantage. What's more, the Czech Regional Development Ministry is not keeping track of who is actually taking advantage of such subsidized properties.  full story

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