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December 6, 2021



sociální práce

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Czech Government "takes note" of Agency for Social Inclusion report on 2016

28.7.2017 18:30 On 26 July the Czech Government "took note" of a report from its Agency for Social Inclusion about that department's work during 2016. The expansion of the Agency for Social Inclusion to include three regional branches, the launch of a system of support for school establishers in the area of inclusive education, and a proposal to address trafficking in poverty through a Government material on housing in socially excluded localities were crucial moments in 2016.  full story

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Czech politician says aid to the needy should not be "based on ethnicity"

19.5.2017 11:50 The City of Liberec issued a press release yesterday announcing that the Deputy Mayor of Liberec for Culture, Education and Social Affairs, Ivan Langr, had met with the German organization Gesellschaft für Arbeit und Soziales to discuss how the city addresses social inclusion and that social services staffers from the local D.R.A.K. civic association who work with national minorities, refugees and socially excluded persons joined the discussion as well. According to the press release, those participating all agreed that applying an "ethnic approach" to social inclusion is bad in principle, doesn't work and is ethically dubious.  full story

First issue of Romano voďi magazine features Romani author Oksana Marafioti on the life of Roma in Georgia

29.3.2017 10:56 Whether we like it or not, since time immemorial stories have wielded great power over our lives. They can be legends, myths, or the narratives of political regimes and religions.  full story

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Anna Dunčeková: I do my best to humanize social services

28.3.2017 15:28 The staff of the Český západ organization considers the principles of community and social work to be their main guidelines. When they facilitate aid to the inhabitants of socially excluded localities, they place an emphasis on the assistance affecting the community as a whole, not just individuals.  full story

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Czech Republic: Autonomous Social Center Klinika is again open to the public, court overturns preliminary injunction

11.7.2016 14:27 The Autonomous Social Center Klinika in Prague opened to the public again on 7 July after several weeks of closure. The Municipal Court in Prague has overturned a preliminary injunction banning the center from operating.  full story

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