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June 26, 2019
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Sociální vyloučení

The uniform of a Crime Prevention Assistant in the Czech Republic (2013). (PHOTO:  ČT24)
The uniform of a Crime Prevention Assistant in the Czech Republic (2013). (PHOTO: ČT24)

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Czech city of Ostrava to see ALL JOBS fair later this month

2.11.2018 11:00 The Helping for All (HFA) company, which is involved with supporting the employment of people from socially excluded localities, people living with disabilities or people growing up in children's homes, will hold its ALL JOBS fair on 16 November in Ostrava at the OC Galerie shopping center. The company also offers aid to the wider public with finding new employment and starting career changes.  full story

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Czech Civic Democrats want to suspend welfare for misdemeanor recidivists

8.10.2018 18:10 The opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS) submitted a bill on 1 October in the Czech lower house that would make it possible to deprive welfare recipients of their benefits, including housing benefits, for up to three months should the recipient commit a misdemeanor three times during the course of one year, whether the infraction was disturbing nighttime quiet or petty theft. The proposed measures are part of a bill establishing the rules for when entitlement to welfare benefits elapses.  full story

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Czech research shows 96 % of poorest families in Rapid Re-Housing maintain their housing and improve their health

4.7.2018 16:39 A project in Brno, Czech Republic called "Rapid Re-Housing" providing municipally-owned apartment units for lease to families at risk of homelessness is celebrating significant success after its first year. According to research by Ostrava University, a total of 96 % of the families in the project have managed to maintain their housing, and what is more, the state of health of the children involved and their parents has improved.  full story

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Czech-Roma group Amare Předlice: Today's fire the consequence of a long-dysfunctional strategy for addressing the situation

22.3.2018 14:30 According to the Amare Předlice group, the blaze in the Předlice quarter of Ústí nad Labem today is an outcome of the long-neglected situation in the locality. The local group is calling on the City of Ústí nad Labem to "abandon its dysfunctional strategy" and to work on a solution together with local residents of the quarter.  full story

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Czech Republic: Housing estate residents without heat during freezing weather, situation is critical

5.3.2018 12:34 During the past week throughout the entire Czech Republic temperatures have been far below freezing and most people are glad to get warm at home in the evening under their blankets with the heat turned up high. Residents of the Janov housing estate in Litvínov, however, are going to have the worst memories in the country of the winter of 2018.  full story

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Czech Republic: Boxing club gets boys and girls off the streets of excluded localities

23.2.2018 7:32 Patrik Horváth, David Tokár and René Pokuta established the Boxing King Club in Ostrava a year and a half ago. They had no experience with managing a boxing club but put their minds to it and the outcomes their charges have achieved after a year of operations are motivating them to continue.  full story

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Czech town to discuss controversial proposal tomorrow to declare its entire territory "socially undesirable"

6.12.2017 13:34 As of this year, municipalities in the Czech Republic are able to declare so-called "areas with increased incidence of socially undesirable phenomena" on their territories and to ban housing benefits from being disbursed to persons residing in those locations. At its August session, the Kladno City Council unanimously approved declaring almost all of its territory as such an area.  full story

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Czech housing estate sees water cut off, situation is critical for residents

31.10.2017 7:29 Several families with young children living at the Janov housing estate in the Czech town of Litvínov have had their water supply cut off through no fault of their own. Hot water has not been available to them for several weeks now, and for the last few days cold water has not been running there either.  full story

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Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has no new boss yet, temporary manager appointed from within

25.10.2017 12:34 The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has not yet chosen a new director to replace Radek Jiránek. As of the close of September he is no longer director and as of 1 October management of the Agency has been temporarily handed over to Radka Soukupová.  full story

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Czech Republic: Low turnout in socially excluded localities, but ANO, Communists and Okamura scored there

22.10.2017 18:27 In socially excluded localities predominantly inhabited by Romani people very few voters went to the polls. The lowest voter participation was at the Chanov housing estate in the town of Most, and voters did not turn out much in the Předlice quarter either.  full story

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Review: Czech artist's "guide" to slumming in Brno's Romani neighborhood is a tasteless mockery

23.1.2017 8:12 "A Guide to the Brno Bronx - BRNOX - a Kateřina Šedá action" is the entire title of a publication that has recently sold out here in the Czech Republic. Its second subtitle (a Kateřina Šedá action) tells you all you need to know about what its real subject is.  full story

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Karel Holomek: Czech Gov't Roma Council has a new chair after cabinet reshuffle

16.11.2016 17:31 Czech Prime Minister Sobotka has replaced two of his ministers, Health Minister Svatopluk Němeček and Human Rights and Legislation Minister Jiří Dienstibier, who was also the chair of the Czech Government Council for Roma Minority Affairs. The newly-appointed Human Rights Minister is the lawyer and Social Democratic MP Jan Chvojka.  full story

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Czech candidate for 2018 presidential run says social exclusion is a topic of his campaign

4.11.2016 7:35 The writer Michal Horáček will run for President of the Czech Republic in the next elections at the beginning of 2018. He announced his candidacy yesterday at a press conference in Prague.  full story

Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry responds to the myths now multiplying about social housing

10.8.2016 17:14 The Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry has responded to the distorted information and multiple myths that are currently spreading about the law on social housing. The ministry has published a list of "Eight Delusions" about this law that describes it in detail, including how it will be applied in practice.
 full story

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Czech documentary film about xenophobia, "Czechs versus Czechs", wins special honor at Jihlava film festival

1.11.2015 20:46 Tomáš Kratochvíl's documentary film "Czechs versus Czechs" (Češi proti Čechům) has won special recognition at the documentary film festival in Jihlava "for the impressive use of film as a personal journal to break down social prejudices and stereotypes". The director made the film in the Romani ghetto of Předlice, where he lived for eight months.  full story

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Czech Republic: Building owner demolishing controversial properties on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava

31.10.2015 16:47 The buildings on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava from which about 25 Romani families had to move away two years ago have been under new ownership since mid-October. After several unsuccessful auctions, the buildings were bought for almost CZK 600 000 (EUR 22 000) by the Ostrava Engineering and Repair Plant (Ostravské opravny a strojírny), which also owns a production facility nearby.  full story

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