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May 29, 2017
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Come to our place for coffee! (PHOTO:  Czech Television)
Come to our place for coffee! (PHOTO: Czech Television)

Czech Republic: Project gets Non-Roma to visit Roma in their homes

24.5.2017 6:33 Residents in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic are inviting their neighbors far and near into their homes for coffee. Thanks to a project called "Come to our place for coffee!" run by nonprofit organizations and the Regional Authority, families with different customs, origins and roots are visiting each other's homes, primarily Non-Romani and Romani ones.  full story

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Vojtěch Lavička: If you are a normally-functioning member of Czech society, people don't consider you Romani

14.4.2017 9:40 Vojtěch Lavička, a moderator, musician, and one of the most significant Romani minority figures in the Czech Republic, has given a video interview to the journalist Jindřich Šídlo for his program on the online portal. Lavička discusses how his opinions on several basic questions have altered over the years, such as his opinion of promoting Romani people in education, what upsets him about Czech people, or why, in his view, Czech society cannot see Romani people who are "normal".  full story

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Alexander Olah: Twenty years of poor Roma being integrated by Romani elites in the Czech Republic

11.4.2017 8:16 The law on national minorities in the Czech Republic - and basically the entire concept of minority protections - is desperately far from the actual needs of impoverished Romani people in socially excluded localities. The same applies (apart from the existence of the Office of the Public Defender of Rights) to the absolutely miserable provisions for the protection of these people from institutional discrimination.  full story

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Czech Government should have comprehensive data about Roma this year

9.4.2017 10:29 The Czech Government and its various agencies should receive this year, for the first time, more comprehensive data about the life of Romani people in the Czech Republic. The data should be about access to health care or social services in ghettos as well as education, employment and housing.  full story

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Czech Television broadcasts documentary films for International Romani Day, producer reveals his Romani roots

8.4.2017 9:17 On the occasion of this year's celebration of International Romani Day, public broadcaster Czech Television has been showing several documentary films mapping contemporary Czech-Romani relations as well as Romani history. The programming is being broadcast by the channels ČT2 and ČT art.  full story

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Slovakia: Sale of salon to hairdresser underway until landlord, neighbors see he is Romani

7.4.2017 8:38 Dalibor Ferenc, a 22-year-old hairdresser, was recently offered an opportunity to buy a hair salon business in a small town in the Žilina Region of Slovakia by the salon's current tenant, who has to retire because of ill health. All appeared to be hopeful - Mr Ferenc agreed with the current tenant of the salon that he would buy all the equipment from her, and according to the tenant, the building owner had nothing against the change.  full story

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Prague 14 to begin April with the Cultural Encounters festival (Setkání kultur)

1.4.2017 18:27 The Prague 14 Municipal Department will come to life during the first week of April with its Cultural Encounters festival (Setkání kultur). On Thursday, 6 April, in the Plechárna recreation center at 18:30, the chair of the Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust in the Czech Republic, Čeněk Růžička, will hold a discussion on the topic of Czech-Roma coexistence.  full story

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Children stone flamingo to death in zoo, Czech Internet users blame all Roma, protest march scheduled

17.3.2017 11:47 Photographs of a flamingo that three Romani children stoned to death in the zoo in the Czech town of Jihlava are making the rounds of social networking sites. Emotions sparked by the incident have immediately spun the wheel of hatred and a march, ostensibly to draw attention to the security situation there, has now been scheduled for the end of the month.   full story

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Together We Can: Patrik Grundza

7.2.2017 7:37 Last month, began publishing interviews on a weekly basis with people who are doing interesting things to aid all of us in getting along here. When we were looking for a name for this column, the motto of this year's International Romani Day, "Together We Can", inspired me, so the organizers and I have decided to call this column "Together We Can" as well.  full story

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Inclusive education from the Czech Republic to Georgia to the USA

26.1.2017 8:29 If you were to tell people anywhere else in the world that inclusive education was not required by law in the Czech Republic until 2016, they would be shocked. If you were to tell them that the main reason for this change having to be forced onto the system by the state is the absurd number of Romani children attending the so-called "practical schools", they would have a hard time believing you.  full story

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Together We Can: David Tišer

18.1.2017 6:44 will be publishing interviews on a weekly basis with people who are doing interesting things to aid all of us in getting along here. When we were looking for a name for this column, the motto of this year's International Romani Day, "Together We Can", inspired me.  full story

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Czech Republic: Assessment of coexistence with Romani people improves for third year in a row

23.7.2016 14:11 Coexistence between Romani people and other inhabitants of the Czech Republic is perceived by 78 % of the "majority society" in that country as "poor", but almost 20 % of respondents to a June survey conducted by the Center for Public Opinion Research (CVVM) assessed coexistence as "good". This is the third year in a row that positive assessments of coexistence have increased and negative perspectives have lost ground.  full story

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Russia: Mass demolition of homes in one of the biggest Romani settlements

18.6.2016 9:24 The situation in the municipality of Plechanovo, one of the biggest Romani settlements in Russia, where mass street fighting occurred several weeks ago between local residents and police over efforts by the gas utility to cut Romani residents off from the gas lines, has deteriorated further. Starting in the first week of June, the illegal constructions in which local Romani people are living have been demolished.  full story

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Russia: Romani residents of Tula rebel over gas supplies

29.5.2016 11:35 In one of the biggest Romani settlements in Russia a mass battle took place several weeks ago between local residents and police. The cause was the efforts of gas technicians to cut the Romani residents off from a gas pipe they had illegally been tapping.  full story

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Slovak MP "symbolically" declares himself Romani in official online profile

7.4.2016 14:04 Ondrej Dostál, a legislator seated on the National Council of the Slovak Republic who chairs the Civic Conservative Party, has "symbolically" chosen "Romani" as his nationality when filling out his official online profile for the legislature. The Markíza television station reports that Dostál also listed his nationality as "Romani" during the census for the same reason  full story

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Slovak municipality opened playground with segregated use rules - Romani children on even-numbered days only

21.3.2016 15:09 The Slovak municipality of Hrčeľ has introduced special rules for using its multi-functional playground that was funded with EU monies in 2012 - Romani children can use it on even-numbered days and "the rest" of the citizenry can use it on odd-numbered days. The sign announcing the rules to those visiting the playground was also still accessible on the municipality's website this past weekend, according to news server  full story

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Czech Constitutional Court receives motion to abolish inclusion in amendment to Schools Act

10.3.2016 18:03 The Czech Constitutional Court has received a proposal for the abolition of the planned inclusion that has been anchored in an amendment to the Schools Act adopted last year. As of 1 September this year, children with mild mental disability are to be gradually included into the classes of mainstream primary schools and to have special conditions for their instruction provided there for their education.  full story

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Czech activists and local opposition council members want proof of building's use permit, officials stall

8.3.2016 23:52 The governing coalition leading the Prague 3 Municipal Department did not approve the agenda item for today's council meeting, which was convened by opposition members of the council to address the issue of the Autonomous Social Center Klinika in the Žižkov quarter. In a tense atmosphere, the councilors spent more than two hours discussing whether to approve the agenda item and would not allowed the activists present to address the council during regular session.  full story

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Czech demonstrations confirm the radicalization of society, experts believe

9.2.2016 22:30 Saturday's demonstrations about migration confirmed radicalizing trends and are a reflection of the distribution of various moods in Czech society with respect to the migration issue. They also demonstrated the growing aggression, hatred, and violence taking place here at an interpersonal level.  full story

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František Kostlán: Neo-Nazis and the "optimists" are not equivalents, all democrats should oppose extremism

9.2.2016 3:25 We have made a mistake. We have let a discussion arise in Czech society asserting that the followers of former Czech President Havel, the "optimists" or the "truth-lovers", are just one side of the same coin as the fascists, neo-Nazis and populists of this society.  full story

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