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October 28, 2021




Slovak celebrity Zuzana Belohorcová posted this photo and message to her Instagram account in 2021, evoking comments from Czech actress Alice Bendová that many consider racist.
Slovak celebrity Zuzana Belohorcová posted this photo and message to her Instagram account in 2021, evoking comments from Czech actress Alice Bendová that many consider racist.

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Czech PM says migration must be addressed beyond Europe's borders

15.6.2018 15:44 Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said on 11 June that he believes Frontex, the EU's border and coast guard, should be given a mandate to intervene beyond EU borders. The statement was issued as a press release ahead of the 12 June meeting of the European Commission about the financing to cope with the current migration crisis.  full story

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Demonstration in Barcelona calls on Spanish state to receive more refugees

24.2.2017 12:03 As many as 160 00 people demonstrated in Barcelona last Saturday in favor of more refugees being received by Spain as the authorities pledged to do in 2015. Left-wing Mayor Ada Colau called on the demonstrators to fill the streets in a march called "We Want to Welcome Them".  full story

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videoVIDEO: We are the change! Young Roma want to get into politics

2.1.2017 6:35 One way to overcome discrimination against Roma and ensure their equal status in society, according to the organization ERIO (European Roma Information Office), os the involvement of Roma young people in politics. The organization has now released a video in which young Roma appear from five different European countries - Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Spain.  full story

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Spain: 80 years since the martyrdom of Cefferino Gimenéz Malla

8.8.2016 14:51 Tomorrow, 9 August, marks 80 years since the martyrdom of the first Romani person ever to be beatified, Cefferino Gimenéz Malla, also known as "El Pelé" ("the brave one"). Let's review what is known about the unusual life of this unique figure.  full story

Spain's Tolerance of Gypsies: A Model for Europe

Madrid, 16.9.2010 16:04, (Time) Antonio Moreno lives on what is reputedly Madrid's most dangerous street, where dealers openly offer any type of drug around the clock. He owns a four-bedroom house with a pool; he works out of his own photo and video studio — and he's a gypsy, one of the 40,000 inhabitants of an illegal settlement on the outskirts of the Spanish capital. Had they been in just about any other European country, Moreno and his neighbors would be the source of tension and controversy: On Tuesday, the E.U. called France's continued deportation of its gypsies a "disgrace" and threatened disciplinary action against the country. Suddenly, all across Europe, a community that's used to living on the fringes is now in the spotlight — and, in some cases, suffering heightened prejudice as a result. But Moreno isn't worried. Because when it comes to dealing with gypsies — also known as Roma — Spain is different.  full story

Courage and Unity Against Racism. Letter to Roma Organisations World-wide

Madrid, 28.8.2010 15:05, (ROMEA) Dear brothers and sisters,A more aggressive and cruel forms of racism, unseen since the Second World War, are again witnessed in Europe today. In many Member States of the EU, racists declarations go unpunished, gaining more influence and support each time. Political parties of extreme right occupy more positions of power. Democratic governments proclaim without shame the “delinquency and criminality” of Roma.  full story

Deputy William Brinza requests analysis on replacement of “rom” with “gypsy” in passports

Madrid, 19.8.2010 11:55, (Financiarul) Democrat Liberal (PDL) deputy for diaspora William Branza stated on Tuesday that he was going to discuss with Roma community representative in the Parliament Nicolae Paun, as well as with other political formations MPs the possibility of replacing the term of “rom” with “gypsy” for the respective ethnics, Romanian citizens.  full story

U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin Calls for Further Integration of Roma

Madrid, 17.2.2010 13:32, (ROMEA) U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD), Chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation, today released the following statement after meeting with leaders of Spain's Roma Secretariat Foundation (Fundacion Secretariado Gitano).  full story

Second Roma summit

Cordoba, 2.2.2010 11:40, (ROMEA) The second European Summit on Roma inclusion will take place in Córdoba (Spain), on the 8th and 9th April 2010, on the occasion of the International Roma Day, as a key event of the Spanish Presidency of the Council.  full story

Spain criticises Italian policy towards immigration

Madrid, 16.5.2008 21:49, ( The Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, considered that the Silvio Burlusconi administration was not respecting the human rights of foreigners.  full story

Gypsy camp evicted in Spain

La Herrera, Albacete, Spain) , 23.8.2007 17:44, (Hot Three hundred Romanian citizens, Roma ethnics, were evicted from a tent camp near the city of La Herrera (Albacete, Spain) in a Civil Guard intervention, daily El Mundo reads, quoted by the Realitatea TV station. according to the newspapers, the police demanded their documents, then forced them to leave the area.  full story

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