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January 25, 2020
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Pavlína Daňhelková (left) works for the People in Need (Člověk v tísni) organization at its drop-in club in the Předlice neighborhood of Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.  (2017)
Pavlína Daňhelková (left) works for the People in Need (Člověk v tísni) organization at its drop-in club in the Předlice neighborhood of Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. (2017)

Together We Can: Staffer of youth drop-in center says differences between Czech and Romani youth are minimal

18.6.2017 10:02 News server has been regularly publishing interviews this year with people who are involved in interesting work that aids inter-ethnic coexistence in the Czech Republic. Beginning in May, interviewer Dana Moree also began asking her interviewees questions about certain terms being used here with contested meanings - words like "Czech", "gadjo", "Roma", etc.  full story

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Alexander Olah: Twenty years of poor Roma being integrated by Romani elites in the Czech Republic

11.4.2017 8:16 The law on national minorities in the Czech Republic - and basically the entire concept of minority protections - is desperately far from the actual needs of impoverished Romani people in socially excluded localities. The same applies (apart from the existence of the Office of the Public Defender of Rights) to the absolutely miserable provisions for the protection of these people from institutional discrimination.  full story

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Czech Government should have comprehensive data about Roma this year

9.4.2017 10:29 The Czech Government and its various agencies should receive this year, for the first time, more comprehensive data about the life of Romani people in the Czech Republic. The data should be about access to health care or social services in ghettos as well as education, employment and housing.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani quintuplets finally receive donations

15.3.2017 7:22 Last week the City of Prague disbursed roughly CZK 616 000 [EUR 23 000] to the mother of the first-ever quintuplets in the Czech Republic, Alexandra Kiňová, from the
collection to which people had contributed in support of her children. Vít Hofman, spokesperson for Prague City Hall, announced the news on Monday.  full story

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Together We Can: David Tišer

18.1.2017 6:44 will be publishing interviews on a weekly basis with people who are doing interesting things to aid all of us in getting along here. When we were looking for a name for this column, the motto of this year's International Romani Day, "Together We Can", inspired me.  full story

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Czech volunteer firefighters tell Romani children club is full - then accept a different applicant

16.9.2015 20:14 The Plzeňský deník daily reported on 11 September that the Voluntary Firefighter Unit in the Bolevec neighborhood of the Czech town of Plzeň recently refused to accept applications from four Romani children to join their club. Allegedly there was no more room for new members.  full story

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Infamous Czech right-wing extremist plays a Nazi in a new film

13.7.2015 7:06 In a film by director Filip Renč that is currently in production, one of the Nazis is played by an infamous face on the Czech neo-Nazi scene, Jaromír Pytel. The Club of Military History of the "White Power European Patriots" (WPEP) has published photographs on its Facebook profile of Pytel with the director and added a text stating that Pytel's club has signed a contract with the production.  full story

Czech competition for "Twentieth Century Stories" announces winners

Prague, 16.12.2014 19:17, (ROMEA) Almost 7 000 people in the Czech Republic voted online for the biggest documentary competition, "Twentieth Century Stories", through which competitors discovered more than 3 000 forgotten eyewitnesses to events from the last century. There were 82 participants in the semi-final round of this second year of the competition.  full story

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Commentary: Guide to the discussion of the Czech children's groups law

Prague, 23.10.2014 22:52, (ROMEA) Discussion of the law on children's groups that has been vetoed by Czech President Miloš Zeman is continuing. According to some professionals and those who work with such groups, the various conditions of that law posed a threat to some clubs, nature preschools and organizations.  full story

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