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August 24, 2019
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Czech participants in the
Czech participants in the "Starting Over" (Začít znovu) project on their study visit to Scotland. (PHOTO: DROM - Romani Center)

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Czech NGO offers paid internships for Roma - deadline is 9 November

2.11.2016 10:46 If you would like to achieve or change something in your life, the nonprofit organization Slovo 21 has a unique opportunity for you that may never repeat itself. Romani college students or fresh graduates interested in intensifying their professional skills and applying them in their own lives, personal and professional, now have the opportunity to apply for internships.  full story

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Czech NGO to host US students this summer to study social exclusion

Prague, 6.6.2014 23:31, (ROMEA) From June until August, six students from Lehigh University in the American state of Pennsylvania will participate in a study abroad visit to the Czech Republic. The students will be hosted by Inclusio, a nonprofit group that focuses on support for the inclusion and integration of minorities in the Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech Republic: US firms offer internships to Romani students

Prague, 2.4.2014 19:54, (ROMEA) The Open Society Fund Prague, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America and the American Chamber of Commerce in Prague, are offering young Romani people internships of several months' duration with successful American firms doing business in the Czech Republic. The internships are intended for Romani students enrolled in either on-campus or distance studies at colleges and high schools, as well as for college and high school graduates up to age 30.  full story

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