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August 20, 2022




Czech survey on migration in socially excluded localities finds people move too frequently, either to escape debt or because the mafia evicts them

4.5.2017 11:40 The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion, as part of its project called the "Campaign against Hate Violence and Racism", has published two surveys about loan-
sharking and migration inside of socially excluded localities. News server publishes here in full translatoin a commentary on their findings by Roman Matoušek, who summarizes their recommendations regarding internal migration in the Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech town of Kroměříž plans to demolish Romani-occupied buildings in approach reminiscent of previous evictions

16.7.2016 9:27 The town hall of Kroměříž has been inspired by the approach taken by towns such as Holešov or Vsetín and reportedly plans to demolish buildings currently serving as social housing in the Račín settlement, where roughly 100 "socially vulnerable" residents live in the quarter called "Dolní zahrady" (Lower Gardens), most of whom are Romani. After the demolition, apartments for senior citizens are supposed to be built there, and the current residents, according to Vice-Mayor Pavel Motyčka, will be moved into other localities.  full story

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Czech Human Rights Minister meets with Janov residents, few of them Romani

20.4.2015 18:26 Residents of the Janov housing estate in the Czech town of Litvínov (Most district) are calling the situation in the locality unmanageable. During a meeting today with Czech Human Rights Minister Jiří Dienstbier (Czech Social Democratic Party - ČSSD) the residents asked for concrete aid.  full story

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Czech Republic: 30 injured after Čunek's container housing catches fire

Vsetín, 14.4.2015 0:14, (ROMEA) Approximately 50 people had to be evacuated during a blaze in the prefabricated containers known as the "Čunek houses" in the Poschlá quarter of Vsetín, where a total of seven firefighting units had to intervene on 31 March after 15:00. The insulation on the first floor of the containers caught fire and two other stories were extensively damaged by smoke.  full story

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Czech town discusses "inadaptable" residents and planned repression

Jablonec nad Nisou, 16.9.2014 21:13, (ROMEA) "Public meeting with citizens about safety in the town, coexistence with inadaptables and welfare for housing" was the name of an event that took place on the evening of Tuesday, 2 September in the Grand Hall of Jablonec's Eurocenter, attended by roughly 300 people. Those invited included local residents, politicians, representatives of the municipal and state police, representatives of the Regional Hygiene Stations and the Building Works Authority.  full story

A Roma community is subjected to forced eviction in Marseille, France, July 2013. (FOTO: Amnesty International, Raphaël Bianchi)

ERRC: France Continues to Evict Roma on a Massive Scale

Paris/Budapest, 11.7.2014 10:26, (ROMEA) France continues with its unlawful and costly policy of evicting Roma who have made use of their right to freedom of movement within the European Union from countries such as Romania. Between 1 April and 30 June 2014, 3,807 Roma were evicted from 40 different places. Fires in two settlements left 51 Roma homeless, while the French authorities implemented forced evictions in 38 settlements.  full story

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Czech mayor says he hopes Roma newcomers will leave his town soon

Dolní Poustevna, 27.6.2014 23:38, (ROMEA) The mayors of villages throughout the Šluknov foothills recently sent a letter to the Czech Prime Minister asking the state for help and warning that last year's hate marches against Romani people could be repeated again this summer. During the summer of 2011, neo-Nazis convened a series of marches in towns throughout northern Bohemia and outraged citizens from the region, which is afflicted with high unemployment, threatening to lynch Romani people there.  full story

Czech Green Party: Let's prevent violence on the streets of České Budějovice

České Budějovice, 13.7.2013 2:31, (ROMEA) Representatives of the Green Party (Strana zelených - SZ) in the Czech Republic say the currently tense situation in České Budějovice is the responsibility of the town leadership, which for years has closed its eyes to growing problems, failed to address complaints and petty crime, and failed to assist any housing estate residents, Romani or otherwise. "The overcautious posturing of local leadership can best be seen in the fact that municipal representatives are now afraid to speak at the Romani demonstration and are trying to dissuade activists from convening anti-racist demonstrations. The town hall did not present any specific plan for improving the situation during the recent discussion convened by municipal representatives," said Bronislav Tomek of Jindřichův Hradec, who leads the SZ human rights section.  full story

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Czech Republic: Families on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava prepare to leave

Ostrava, 5.7.2013 18:58, (ROMEA) The last families living in the sole occupied building in the ghetto on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava, number 8, are preparing to move out. They have given up on their year-long fight to preserve the locality.  full story

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Czech Republic: Protest this Saturday over alleged problems at housing estate in České Budějovice

České Budějovice, 26.6.2013 22:37, (ROMEA) Yet another effort to draw publicity to the tribulations of ordinary coexistence is now underway with the scheduling of a public assembly this coming Saturday in České Budějovice. Those convening the demonstration want to draw attention to alleged problems at the Máj housing estate there, specifically to alleged difficulties in coexistence with members of the community of socially vulnerable people living at the housing estate, most of whom are Romani.  full story

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Czech Police: Only one Romani person involved in new incident in Duchcov

Duchcov, 6.6.2013 18:05, (ROMEA) News servers and TÝDEN.CZ report that in the Czech town of Duchcov a mood of enmity still prevails between the majority-society population and Romani residents. Tensions were not ameliorated by a recent public meeting convened by Mayor Jitka Bártová.  full story

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Brussels: AI stages eviction of Romani settlement on International Romani Day

Brussels, Belgium, 9.4.2013 16:55, (ROMEA) A “happening” portraying the forced eviction of a Romani settlement was staged yesterday in Brussels by the human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) in order to draw attention to the situation of Romani people in Europe. Yesterday the European Commission also emphasized that improving the situation of Romani people is one of the greatest challenges Europe faces.  full story

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Czech Republic: Ostrava ghetto residents want out, but not to residential hotels

Ostrava, 2.4.2013 17:28, (ROMEA) They have to heat with wood, they have no electricity, and they continue to draw their potable water from a single shared faucet. This is how the last residents remaining in building number 8 on the ghetto of Přednádraží street in Ostrava live now. Even though the residents have begun slowly repairing the building with the aid of money from various donors, most of those who spoke to the Czech Press Agency claim they would like to move out of the locality.  full story

Miroslav Brož

Miroslav Brož: "Social housing" for Romani people will preserve the status quo

Prague, 30.3.2013 19:59, (ROMEA) For quite some time now an agitated discussion has been taking place among experts about so-called "social housing". Such housing should be accessible to people who cannot rent apartments on the open market and who would otherwise end up on the street.  full story

Czech permanent settlement law expired 15 years ago

Prague, 30.3.2013 19:27, (ROMEA) Deeply engrained stereotypes about Romani people, formed in Europe over the course of six centuries, persist today even though various regimes have made efforts to more or less eliminate the stereotypes in various ways. One of those efforts was the forced assimilation of Romani people that began in the fall of 1958 in the former Czechoslovakia with a law on the permanent settlement of vagrant persons.  full story

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Czech town orders slumlord to remove tons of garbage from condemned building

Ústí nad Labem, Předlice, 28.3.2013 15:36, (ROMEA) News server reports that the Ústí nad Labem town hall has ordered the removal of tons of garbage from a building in the Předlice quarter. The sad state of the structure was recently pointed out to them by the Konexe association, which helps impoverished Romani people in Ústí nad Labem.  full story

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