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October 23, 2021




"Stories That (Never) Began", a performance in Ostrava, Czech Republic about and by Romani women who are survivors of forced sterilization, was given on 9 June 2016. (PHOTO: Barbora Černušáková)

Czech Republic: Forced sterilization will be focus of academic and public discussions

9.6.2018 10:56 On Tuesday, 12 June the Prague Forum for Romani Histories will dedicate its attention to one of the most serious cases of human rights violations in Europe in recent history - forced sterilizations. The program, entitled "Forced Sterilization of Romani Women in the Czech(oslovak) and European Contexts: Past and Present", will be divided into a morning expert seminar and an evening public debate.  full story

Council of Europe calls for progress on women's sexual and reproductive rights, including redress of forced sterilization by Czech Republic

5.12.2017 6:26 “Women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights are human rights. Regrettably, however, women in Europe still have these rights denied or restricted as a result of laws, policies and practices that ultimately reflect continuing gender stereotypes and inequalities," Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks said today while releasing a new report on this topic, "Women's sexual and reproductive health rights in Europe".  full story

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Czech Gov't human rights report: Forcibly sterilized women remain uncompensated

3.9.2016 10:05 The recently-published Report on the State of Human Rights in the Czech Republic for 2015 provides an overview of key topics and measures taken last year in the context of the human rights agenda. The Government report points out the main problems in the country and related issues.  full story

Hearing at Europe’s human rights court into Roma woman’s sterilisation

Strasbourg , 25.3.2011 13:40, (ROMEA) A hearing took place on Tuesday at Europe’s human rights court concerning the case of a Roma woman in Slovakia who claims that she was unjustly sterilised on the basis of her ethnicity.

 full story

Sweden takes steps to document the maltreatment of Roma

Stockholm, 7.2.2011 14:11, (ROMEA) Sweden has announced plans for a report exploring the suffering the Roma endured in the country in the 20th century.  full story

Czech doctor not to be punished for sterilising Romany woman

Brno, 2.3.2009 12:51, (ROMEA) The Czech Constitutional Court (US) has dismissed the complaint lodged by Romany woman Iveta Cervenakova who wanted two doctors who sterilised her, allegedly without her consent, in Ostrava, North Moravia, in 1997, to be punished.  full story

Czech Romany woman not to be compensated for sterilisation-court

Olomouc, 7.11.2008 13:21, (ROMEA) Czech Romany woman Iveta Cervenakova, 32, will not receive financial compensation for an unwanted sterilisation that Ostrava City Hospital doctors performed on her 11 years ago, the Olomouc High Court ruled today.  full story

Truth to power

Prague, 4.8.2008 13:09, (Prague Post) For the past four years, I have been involved in helping the survivors of coercive sterilization in the Czech Republic in their struggle to win government redress for the harms they suffered, and prevent such violations from ever occurring in Czech hospitals again. Together with local and international NGOs, women from the Roma community in Ostrava in particular have persevered in this quest, despite minimal resources and support. Their one ally is the Czech public defender of rights (the ombudsman), whose recommendations made in 2005 remain unimplemented by the government, despite calls by the government's own advisory bodies to acknowledge responsibility for the violations, apologize to the victims and provide compensation.  full story

Hundreds of Activists Support Campaign for Compensation for Coercively Sterilised Romani Women

Budapest/Prague/Ostrava, 22.7.2008 14:34, (ROMEA - VIDEO) At the beginning of July, members of the Ostrava-based Group of Women Harmed by Coercive Sterilisation and their advocates from European Roma Rights Centre and Peacework Development Fund initiated a campaign to activate the global women’s rights movement in lobbying efforts for public recognition of coerced sterilisation and compensation for Romani survivors of these practices in Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.  full story

Czech NGO calls on govt to deal with forced sterilisation cases

Ostrava, 4.4.2008 16:57, (ROMEA/CTK) The Czech Human Rights League association calls on the government to deal with cases of Romany women who were sterilised against their will, mainly in southern Moravia and southern Bohemia, David Zahumensky from the league told CTK today.  full story

Prosecution of Slovak Romany women's sterilisations halted

Kosice, East Slovakia, 26.2.2008 12:32, (ROMEA/CTK) The Slovak Regional Prosecutor's Office again halted prosecution in the case of alleged illegal sterilisations of Romany women in east Slovakia, the office's spokesman Milan Filicko told CTK today.  full story

Czech Romany women's sterilisation not to be punished - press

Prague, 24.7.2007 9:50, (CTK) Women's sterilisation without their consent is a criminal act, but the doctors who performed it will not be punished as the case falls under the statute of limitations, state attorneys from Most, North Bohemia, have ruled, the server writes today.  full story

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