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September 16, 2019
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The pig farm standing at the site of the former WWII-era concentration camp for Romani people at Lety, Czech Republic. (PHOTO:  ROMEA Archive)
The pig farm standing at the site of the former WWII-era concentration camp for Romani people at Lety, Czech Republic. (PHOTO: ROMEA Archive)

Czech state is now the official owner of the former pig farm at Lety on the Romani genocide site

27.3.2018 7:08 On 16 March the grounds of the former pig farm at Lety (Písek district) were registered in the cadastral office as having been transferred from the AGPI firm to the Czech state. The firm will receive 80 % of the purchase price of CZK 450 800 000 [EUR 17.7 million] within 30 days.  full story

Czech Republic: Romani family allegedly refused service in restaurant owned by Staropramen Brewery

22.6.2017 19:12 A reader of news server has informed us of a case of alleged discrimination in access to services at the branch of the "Potrefená husa" restaurant located inside of Prague's main train station. Andrej Krišta invited several of his relatives to have dinner with him and a friend there before they traveled back to Slovakia.  full story

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Romani family files complaint against Czech investigation of death

13.1.2017 17:13 The family of Miroslav Demeter, who died on 18 October 2016 at a pizzeria in the Czech town of Žatec under still-unclarified circumstances, has filed a complaint against the district State Prosecutor's Office in Louny. The bereaved are convinced, by the course of the investigation to date, that the police are not investigating the case thoroughly because the deceased was dependent on drugs.
 full story

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Czech Constitutional Court upholds suspended sentence for Nazi symbol on vehicle

8.12.2016 19:33 The Czech Constitutional Court has rejected the complaint of a driver who pasted the image of the Nazi Third Reich Eagle and swastika, i.e., a symbol of Nazi Germany, across the rear windshield of his vehicle. He was convicted, given a suspended sentence, and has appealed to successively higher instances.  full story

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Czech broadcast regulator: Prima TV news creates a negative image of migration

14.6.2016 7:00 On 7 June the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV) in the Czech Republic issued its statement on the manipulation of news broadcasts alleged to have been done by the Prima television station (news server is publishing the statement below in full translation). Council chair Ivan Krejčí said that an analysis of the news reporting by Prima from 24 August to 13 September 2015 has revealed several contentious moments in specific broadcasts that indicate a tendency to create a negative media image of the issue of migration.  full story

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Czech Senator Dryml appeals fine for verbal abuse

Prague, 5.6.2014 23:54, (ROMEA) Czech Senator Vladimír Dryml, formerly a supporter of Czech President Zeman and a former member of the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD), has decided to file a constitutional complaint against the Senate. The upper chamber has upheld a verdict issued by its Parliamentary Immunity Committee fining the senator CZK 20 000 for verbally abusing a doctor from Yemen.  full story

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Czech NGOs complain to broadcast oversight board about coverage of Romani man's death

Prague, 2.4.2014 22:10, (ROMEA) The In IUSTITIA and ROMEA organizations in the Czech Republic have jointly filed a complaint with the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (Rada pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání - RRTV) over recent news reporting by TV NOVA. The reportage at issue concerned the verdict in the case of the death of a Romani man in Teplice.  full story

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