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March 3, 2021




Czech millionaire Jiří Antoš at the Boxing King Klub, which is run by and serves the Romani community in Ostrava. (2020) (PHOTO:  TV Prima)
Czech millionaire Jiří Antoš at the Boxing King Klub, which is run by and serves the Romani community in Ostrava. (2020) (PHOTO: TV Prima)

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Czech televised discussion features one presidential candidate, two presidential spokespeople - and a ficus

4.1.2018 15:04 On 2 January, Jaromír Soukup's "Arena" discussion program on the Barrandov cable television channel was not attended either by candidate Jiří Drahoš or by former Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek (Civic Democratic Party - ODS), who is also running. Soukup confirmed to the audience that those candidates refused to attend because they were bothered by the participation of Jiří Ovčáček, who is the sitting president's spokesperson.  full story

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Czech President shakes his fist during Christmas speech, references "inadaptables", rejects early elections

27.12.2017 9:53 Czech President Miloš Zeman said yesterday that 2017 was a year of good news for the Czech economy and society. In his Christmas message to the nation he expressed
appreciation for the security situation in the Czech Republic, for low unemployment, and for high economic growth.  full story

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Karel Holomek is first Romani figure featured on Czech TV's "Gallery of the Elite of the Nation" show

25.7.2017 6:48 Czech Television broadcast on Sunday an episode of its cycle called "GEN", which means "gene" in Czech and is said to stand for "Gallery of the Elite of the Nation", featuring the portrait of the Romani activist, journalist, and mechanical engineering graduate Karel Holomek. Direction of the episode was done by the famous documentary filmmaker, actor and college educator Břetislav Rychlík.  full story

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News server to broadcast LIVE ONLINE from Prague celebrations of International Romani Day

8.4.2017 10:16 News server is broadcasting live through its official Facebook page direct from the events in Prague being held on the occasion of International Romani Day. "We want our readers to get the most faithful possible sense of the atmosphere accompanying the Prague celebrations of International Romani Day. Live broadcasts through social networking sites are currently very popular and make it possible for us to get information in an interesting form to the biggest number of those who support us, as well as to people who sometimes have biased notions about Romani people. Maybe next time they won't just watch the celebrations through
Facebook but will come among the Romani people themselves," Zdeněk Ryšavý, the director of ROMEA, says.  full story

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videoRomani student Gabriela Janičová: My dream is to become a teacher

3.1.2017 8:15 Gabriela Janičová is a young student from the Josefov quarter of the town of Jaroměř, Czech Republic. She is studying at the Evangelical and Social Academy in Náchod and thanks to her excellent results there she has been granted a scholarship from the program for Romani high school and technical high school students provided by the organization ROMEA, o.p.s.  full story

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2016 Roma Spirit Awards in the Czech Republic: Ctibor Nečas, R-Mosty, Evangelical Academy, Richard Samko and Olga Fečová

15.12.2016 19:21 The 2016 Roma Spirit Awards for aid to the Romani minority and efforts at good coexistence were won this year by the R-Mosty company, the Evangelical Academy, and Czech Television journalist Richard Samko. The award for cultural contribution went to teaching assistant Olga Fečová, while the scholar Ctibor Nečas won in the Individual category.  full story

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Responding to refusals from nominees, Czech foundation says Roma Spirit prize is from the public, not the state

22.11.2016 7:26 The Michael Kocáb Foundation has issued a statement reminding the community and the country that the Roma Spirit Award is a public prize expressing respect for the work of specific individuals that contributes to good coexistence between Romani people and other inhabitants of the Czech Republic. "The rejection of such public acknowledgment is problematic for many reasons. If the reason nominees do not want to participate and receive the award is their dissatisfaction with the political situation in the Czech Republic, we would like to point out that the Roma Spirit prize does not bear responsibility for the situation and that such a gesture will most probably be welcomed only by those who speak out against minorities," reads a statement issued yesterday by the foundation.  full story

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Edited CCTV footage from Czech pizzeria where Romani man died is broadcast, questions remain unanswered

30.10.2016 21:47 The pizzeria in the Czech town of Žatec where a young Romani man died on 18 October has provided CCTV footage of the incident to the commercial Prima television station, which broadcast some of it on Saturday evening. The management of the restaurant claims it is doing its best to calm the situation by releasing the images.  full story

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Czech talk show host uses YouTube to explain TV Prima's contract with him to TV Prima and the public

27.10.2016 15:57 Czech talk show host Jan Kraus has published a brief video on YouTube explaining that the contract he has with TV Prima clearly does not allow him to broadcast an episode of his show online before it has been broadcast by the TV Prima station. He has taken the unusual step after the TV Prima management issued contradictory statements regarding why it did not broadcast the most recent episode of the program yesterday.  full story

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TV Prima to broadcast talk show episode today - will it be in its entirety?

27.10.2016 13:48 According to information reported by the news server, the episode that was to have been broadcast yesterday of the Jan Kraus talk show on TV Prima will be broadcast today. It is, however, possible that it will not be broadcast in its entirety and that its opening segment will be edited out.  full story

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Emil Ščuka asks not to be considered for Roma Spirit Award in the Czech Republic

27.10.2016 13:16 The Director of the International Conservatory and the Divadlo v Korunní theater in Prague, Emil Ščuka, has asked not to be considered for this year's Roma Spirit Award in the individual category. He has not said why.  full story

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Scandal as TV Prima fails to broadcast talk show episode with Czech Culture Minister and Holocaust survivor

27.10.2016 12:03 Yesterday evening the privately-owned Prima television station did not broadcast its most recent episode of a popular talk show with host Jan Kraus during which his guests included Holocaust survivor Jiří Brady and Mr Brady's nephew, Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman. According to the Seznam online news server, the station told viewers it was not broadcasting the episode because producers did not deliver it to the station in time.
 full story

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Roman Čonka: On the crisis of Romani media in Slovakia

9.8.2016 17:49 The media market in Slovakia is small, but the Romani media market is even smaller. What's worse, the prospects of its developing and stabilizing are nowhere in sight.  full story

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Poland: German television series sued for scenes depicting Polish anti-Semitism during WWII

20.7.2016 7:17 The Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reports that on 18 July the civil trial began at a court in Kraków of the producers of a German television series set during the Second World War and German television station ZDF. A Polish veterans' association and Zbigniew Radlowski, now 92 years old, who was a Polish resistance fighter during the war, have sued the producers of the television program over scenes depicting Polish anti-Semitism.  full story

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