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July 11, 2020
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About 150 people, a large part of them Vietnamese, assembled on 5 August 2018 to mourn the two Vietnamese boys who drowned at Lake Lhota near Prague on 2 August 2018. (PHOTO:  Patrik Banga)
About 150 people, a large part of them Vietnamese, assembled on 5 August 2018 to mourn the two Vietnamese boys who drowned at Lake Lhota near Prague on 2 August 2018. (PHOTO: Patrik Banga)

Eyewitnesses allege staff at Czech lake did not help Vietnamese mothers look for their children, who drowned

6.8.2018 9:50 Tragedy struck Lake Lhota near Prague in the Czech Republic last Thursday when two seven-year-old boys were lost - after two hours of searching, they were found, but it was too late. Both boys had drowned.  full story

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UK: Police say there are no suspicious circumstances about death of young Romani girl in Sheffield

13.1.2018 13:08 According to the police command in South Yorkshire, England, which is investigating the death of a Romani girl named Janička in Sheffield, the circumstances of her death are not suspicious. The police have given a statement to news server about the case.  full story

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International Czech and Slovak Romani community rocked by mysterious death of nine-year-old girl in England

10.1.2018 10:16 Romani community members have been using Facebook to vigorously discuss the mysterious death of a nine-year-old girl named Janička who, on 2 January 2018, is said to have died of suffocation while playing in her room. Allegedly she remained lifeless for 40 minutes before medical aid was given to her.  full story

Grenfell Tower fire, June 14, 4:43 a.m. (PHOTO: Natalie Oxford)

UK: Muslim Community Helps Survivors of Grenfell Tower Fire

26.6.2017 23:15 As has been widely reported by the world media, on Wednesday, 14 June, the 24-story Grenfell Tower in London erupted into flames, resulting in the death and injury of many residents. The number of dead is currently listed at 79 people, with the number expected to rise.  full story

Protest for Philando Castile in St. Anthony, August 19, 2016 (PHOTO: Fibonacci Blue,

videoUS: Police Officer Shoots African-American Man and is Acquitted of Manslaughter Charges

23.6.2017 13:00 US media are reporting that Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez  was acquitted of all charges on Friday 16 June 2017 in the shooting death of Philando Castile, a 32-year old African American man, on 6 July 2016. Footage of the incident retrieved from the dashboard camera of Yanez’s police car was released to the public on Tuesday 20 June 2017.  full story

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Renáta Kováčová: Tragic death in UK of two Romani girls from Czech Republic sparks horrible online commentary

4.1.2017 7:30 Most of us have probably heard about the tragedy that happened on New Year's Eve in Great Britain when a driver ran into two young girls from the Czech Republic and then left the scene without providing them first aid. One girl died on the spot and the other also succumbed to her injuries later.  full story

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Slovakia: Romani soldier survives Afghanistan only to die after police intervention back home

26.2.2016 18:40 The Slovak courts are continuing to review the case of a 44-year-old professional soldier, Ivan Koliščák, who died in April 2013 after police intervened against him in a restaurant in the town of Trebišov. He died on the spot; emergency medical technicians called to the scene did not manage to revive him.  full story

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Slovakia: Three children burn to death in Romani settlement

25.1.2016 18:18 Three children died around in the early morning hours of Sunday in the Romani settlement in the municipality of Lomnička (Stará Ľubovňa district) in eastern Slovakia. A two-year-old boy, four-year-old boy and five-year-old girl tragically burned to death.  full story

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EU tripling funds for Mediterranean Sea rescue, Czech Republic providing experts, funds and a plane

25.4.2015 22:51 Speaking after an extraordinary summit on migration in Brussels on 24 April, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told journalists the European Union will triple its funding for the Frontex agency's operations in the Mediterranean Sea. President of the EU Council Donald Tusk added that presidents and prime ministers have already promised airplanes, boats, experts and money.  full story

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Czech PM wants to increase aid to refugees after 900 drown near Italy, EU convenes extraordinary summit

21.4.2015 21:09 Yesterday foreign ministers from EU countries were slated to review the situation of thousands of people dying in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to get to Europe. Federica Mogherini, the head of European diplomacy, asked over the weekend for this point to be added to the agenda of yesterday's meeting after yet another in a series of accidents at sea evidently cost the lives of as many as 900 people Saturday.  full story

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