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December 12, 2018
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The caravans of Belgian Romani Travellers parked on Rue Dante in Brussels, Belgium, prior to their being forced away from the privately-owned site by local authorities of Anderlecht Municipality in June 2018. (PHOTO:  ERGO network)
The caravans of Belgian Romani Travellers parked on Rue Dante in Brussels, Belgium, prior to their being forced away from the privately-owned site by local authorities of Anderlecht Municipality in June 2018. (PHOTO: ERGO network)

Belgium: Roma Travellers evicted from caravan site in Anderlecht neighborhood of Brussels

5.7.2018 15:38 The Brussels Times reported on 29 June that Romani families, including families with minor children, were eventually forced by Anderlecht municipality to move away from a privately-owned caravan site. News server reported on the impending eviction on 26 June.
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Belgium: Roma Travellers to be evicted in EU capital, fire reported at their halting site

26.6.2018 13:47 The European Roma Grassroots Organizations network reports that Roma Travellers living in the Anderlecht neighborhood of Brussels, Belgium are scheduled to be evicted on 28 June and that part of their camp has been set on fire. All are reportedly Belgian Roma whose ancestors have lived in the country for centuries.  full story

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Italy: New Government demands closure of Romani encampments, redistribution of asylum-seekers by EU

11.6.2018 10:35 New Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has emphasized that his country is demanding the automatic, compulsory redistribution of asylum-seekers throughout the EU by the Member States. He made the remarks in a speech on 6 June to the Italian Senate which, after debate, gave the new "Government of change" a vote of confidence.  full story

OPEN CALL for 5th CoE Dialogue with Roma and Traveller Civil Society next month - DEADLINE 27 MAY to apply

6.5.2018 9:30 The Roma and Travellers Team at the Council of Europe (CoE)has announced there is an open call for participation in the Council of Europe's 5th Dialogue with civil society from Roma and Traveller communities around Europe, which will be held this year from 20-21 June in Strasbourg, France. This meeting will focus on the issue of political participation by Roma and Travellers.   full story

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Balder C. Hasvoll and Gorm K. Gaare: Roma are not wanted in Norway

15.11.2017 16:57 In a new book called “An unwanted people” (“Et uønsket folk”), Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities documented how Norway had a racist policy of exclusion against Roma between 1927 and 1956. We have followed Norwegian Roma today and have documented how Norwegian Roma are still being discriminated and excluded.  full story

Noel Jones (right), Stephen Hough and Commins (koláž:

Wales: Young Traveller Accused of 1976 Murder May Get His Name Cleared

12.7.2017 10:55 British media are reporting that 40 years after Noel Jones, a man of  Gypsy and Traveller heritage, was convicted of murdering a 15-year-old girl in 1976, the case has been reopened because DNA tests link another suspect to the murder. Jones was an illiterate 18-year-old when he was picked up by police and allegedly coerced into confessing to the rape and murder of Janet Commins.

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Tyson Fury (PHOTO:

Germany: Romani heritage boxer Tyson Fury will fight the legendary Klitschko on Saturday

27.11.2015 23:05 On the evening of Saturday 28 November the boxer Tyson Fury, who is proud of his Romani roots, and Wladimir Klitschko, a modern legend of pro boxing, will face off at the Esprit Arena boxing ring in Düsseldorf. "I think this will be one of my easiest fights. I know that sounds crazy, because he's a super champion, but I see many chinks in his armor," Fury recently told The Guardian.  full story

UK: Traveller people have to "prove" their ethnicity under new planning rules

28.10.2015 7:44 Dan Allen, a lecturer in Social Work at the University of Salford, reported for The Conversation last month that recent actions by the UK Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) might make the lives of Traveller communities worse. The department has introduced new planning rules that Allen says will adversely directly affect the health of these people.  full story

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Boxer Tyson Fury, proud of his Irish Traveller origin, has challenged Wladimir Klitschko

Great Britain, 1.5.2015 5:46 reports that Tyson Fury, the British professional boxer who is the current EBU heavyweight champion and has embraced his Irish Traveller heritage, will be the next challenger to Wladimir Klitschko. Last Saturday night Klitschko reconfirmed his position as world champion, defending his heavyweight title.  full story

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Sweden: Lawsuit over police list of Romani people begins

28.3.2015 20:29 A Swedish nonprofit organization is suing the state over its police registry of Romani people, which contained the personal data of persons connected by nothing but their ethnicity. News server reported on the case yesterday.
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Sweden: Scandal over police compiling Romani family trees

Stockholm, Sweden, 24.9.2013 17:22, (ROMEA) News server reports the Swedish police have been illegally compiling information about thousands of Romani people, many of whom have never committed any crimes. Yesterday the Aftonbladet newspaper reported that thousands of children's names are among them.  full story

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British folk singer Sam Lee: "Gypsies are our Indians"

Náměšť nad Oslavou, Czech Republic, 17.8.2013 0:21, (ROMEA) In this interview, British singer and folk song collector Sam Lee describes how he has discovered forgotten singers among British Roma and Travellers, how he learned to sing from them, and why it is important to keep their songs from being forgotten. He also explains why we have two ears and only one mouth.  full story

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French MP Bourdouleix leaves party after criticism for alleged statement about Hitler and Travellers

France, 25.7.2013 16:54, (ROMEA) Gilles Bourdouleix, the French MP who is also mayor of the town of Cholet, has now resigned his membership in his political party. Bourdouleix left the center-right UDI (Union of Democrats and Independents) after being criticized for statements he is alleged to have recently made about Travellers.  full story

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French MP allegedly said Hitler didn't kill enough Travellers, he denies it

France, 23.7.2013 15:50, (ROMEA) A remark allegedly made by a French MP who is also the mayor of the town of Cholet regarding several hundred Travellers who set up camp on municipal land there last Sunday has caused a sensation in France. French daily Le Courrier de l'Ouest reported that Gilles Bourdouleix, accompanied by four municipal policemen, visited the Travellers to eject them from the campsite. They greeted him with the Nazi salute and accusations of racism. He is alleged to have mumbled in response that "Hitler didn't kill enough of them".  full story

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