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October 23, 2021




Kurdish refugees in 2015. (PHOTO:  Czech Television)
Kurdish refugees in 2015. (PHOTO: Czech Television)

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Romani NGOs around Europe ask why the OSCE is researching alleged radicalization of their communities in Serbia

18.7.2018 15:16 Representatives of Romani organizations from around Europe have contacted the head of the OSCE's mission to Serbia to express their alarm over the 10 July 2018 announcement of a search for a “Researcher on Radicalization among the Roma Community in Serbia”. The Romani representatives say they are deeply concerned about the growing insecurity of Roma in Europe as a result of extremist antigypsyism in a number of OSCE participating States.

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German court sentences neo-Nazi to life in prison

11.7.2018 17:43 Beate Zschäpe, the main defendant in the trial of members of the National Socialist Underground, a neo-Nazi group, will spend the rest of her life in a German prison according to a sentence handed down against her today by the High Court in the state of Munich, who found her guilty of 10 murders. Deutsche-Presse Agentur reported that her co-defendant Ralf Wohlleben, who supplied the group with weapons, was given a 10-year sentence.  full story

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AMER: Human rights defenders in Turkey should be released immediately!

7.7.2017 15:19 The situation in Turkey is serious. Association for Monitoring Equal Rights/AMER published a statement calling for the release of human rights defenders. Our news server publishes it in its entirety. Human rights defenders in Turkey should be released immediately!  full story

Uygun Dum and his family pose outside their home in Kucukbakkalkoy, Istanbul, on Jun 2, 2017. (PHOTO: Thomson Reuters Foundation/Paul Osterlund)

Turkey: Roma Families in Istanbul Face Continued Gentrification

23.6.2017 13:45 Civil society organizations have been reporting that over the past decade, Roma families in Turkey have been forced to repeatedly uproot their families in search of new residences. These migrations have occurred in response to an unparalleled boom in construction that has replaced small homes in Roma neighborhoods with apartment blocks created to serve clients with higher incomes.  full story

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Czech Republic to chair Council of Europe, claims human rights are a priority

5.5.2017 10:48 The Czech Republic will take up the presidency of the Council of Europe on 19 May and says that it will emphasize human rights, the rule of law, support for democracy and education. Those priorities for the presidency have been approved by the Czech Government, according to a tweet by cabinet spokesperson Martin Ayrer.  full story

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Turkey: Dom refugees from Syria find refuge in the Tarlabaşi neighborhood of Istanbul

21.9.2016 20:38 The British newspaper The Guardian has reported that children from a community known in Syria as the Dom can be seen these days selling bottled water to drivers passing through the northwestern part of Istanbul in the area around Taksim Square. Due to the crisis in the Middle East, an estimated 26 000 members of that community are now homeless.  full story

Turkey faces criticism for planned abolition of punishment for the sexual abuse of children

16.8.2016 16:21 On the basis of a request from a lower court, Turkey's Constitutional Court decided last month to abolish a provision regulating the punishment of sexual crimes committed against children younger than 15. The district court had complained that current legislation does not distinguish between age groups and treats children between age 4 and age 14 equivalently.  full story

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Slovak accommodation facility refuses students from Turkey, Foreign Ministry says that is discriminatory

5.8.2016 14:57 An accommodation facility in Bratislava recently refused to accommodate students from Turkey and is being criticized by both the Slovak Foreign Ministry and the
Turkish Embassy. The facility owners said that for safety reasons they do not accommodate "people from Turkey and Arab countries".  full story

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Czech Republic to receive 10 refugees from camps in Greece and as many as 80 Syrians from camps in Turkey

28.7.2016 21:57 The Czech Republic will be receiving 10 refugees from camps in Greece on the basis of the redistribution quotas approved by the European Union last year. Three of the families from there have already undergone a security clearance.  full story

Steel Pot Comes Up, Tinners Go Down

TEKRDAG, 19.7.2010 18:23, (Cingeneyiz Tekirdag) Living in Malkara, Hac?evhat District, Erenler region, approximately 30 house of people have many problems… The biggest problem tinners have is the unemployement issue they have encountered after their traditional profession became unvaluable.  full story

Turkey, Europe cooperate in projects on Roma initiative

Istambul, 15.7.2010 23:16, (Today's Zaman) Turkey, which recently took the initiative to expand the rights of disadvantaged groups and communities such as the Kurds, the Alevis and the Roma, has been carrying out joint projects with European organizations to this end, receiving wide applause from Europe.  full story

Turkey: International Mediterranean Youth Festival "The Gypsies and the Gypsy Culture"

Turkey, 6.3.2007 17:15, (Roma Network) Akdeniz University, celebrating its 25th year, is a young and ambitious educational institution devoted to the pursuit and application of knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of our society and mankind.  full story

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