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August 12, 2022




From Thursday 30 March to Saturday 1 April 2017 the locally-organized
From Thursday 30 March to Saturday 1 April 2017 the locally-organized "Předlice Cleanup" took place in the city of Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. (PHOTO: Jana Plavec)

Romani residents of excluded locality in northern Czech Republic organize cleanup of its public spaces

17.4.2017 9:49 From Thursday 30 March through Saturday, 1 April, the newly-created Amare Předlice ("Our Předlice") group held its "Úklid Předlic" (Předlice Cleanup) event in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. The event was historically an important breakthrough for this community living in social exclusion and primarily for the locality itself, which has long been socially excluded.  full story

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UK: Number of attacks on East European and Muslim immigrants grows by 42 % since the referendum

10.7.2016 23:25 The number of hate attacks against immigrants in Britain has increased 42 % since the June referendum in which British voters expressed their desire for their country to leave the European Union. The statistics were reported on 8 July by the British police.  full story

Czech Republic: Residents of Plzeň complaining about members of the Romani minority

Plzeň, 30.7.2013 2:58, (ROMEA) In Plzeň complaints regarding coexistence are being registered about some members of the Romani minority. The Czech News Agency says the complaints concern the courtyard inside Plachého and Korandova streets, which is the town's only socially excluded locality.  full story

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Czech Republic: Police arrest 22 after clash with ultra-right extremists in Duchcov

Duchcov, 25.6.2013 2:54, (ROMEA) In the town of Duchcov (Teplice district) a rally by the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) this past weekend deteriorated into street clashes with police officers. Aggressive neo-Nazis assaulted police and threw bottles and rocks. Police used firecrackers, tear gas and water cannon.  full story

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Roma entrepreneur offers village free aid after Czech floods, is refused

Trutnov, 12.6.2013 17:29, (ROMEA) Entrepreneur Jaroslav Herák has offered the village of Rudník near Trutnov assistance after the recent floods there. He offered the use of his construction firm's technology and 10 people to run it, plus more people to help with the cleanup, all for free.  full story

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Czech court initiates distraint against Přednádraží landlord, auction may result

Ostrava, 15.5.2013 7:04, (ROMEA) A court has initiated distraint against Domy Přednádraží, s.r.o., the firm that owns properties in the ghetto on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava. The decision was made at the request of Ostrava Waterworks and Sewerage (Ostravské vodárny a kanalizace - OVAK), which is owed several hundreds of thousands of crowns by the firm.  full story

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Czech town files suit against activist for allegedly spreading false information

Ústí nad Labem, 6.3.2013 22:02, (ROMEA) The town of Ústí nad Labem has published a list of the most seriously damaged buildings in the municipal departments of Krásné Březno and Předlice. According to the findings of the town hall's experts, no people are physically living in any of them.  full story

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Commentary: Slovakia's TV Markíza misinforms viewers about "activation jobs"

Detva, Slovensko, 9.2.2013 19:22, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic they've elected a president. Lawsuits are being planned against the Slovak President. In Syria the murder continues. In Somalia 29 000 children have died of hunger, while another 300 000 are expected to die there soon. The world is spinning in a crazy dance and the economic crisis is conducting the music, but Slovakia lives for its own domestic problems. No one here is much interested in the war in Syria or famine somewhere in Africa.  full story

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