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July 4, 2020
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Anzhelika Belova (2019) (PHOTO:  Facebook page of Olha Vesnianka)
Anzhelika Belova (2019) (PHOTO: Facebook page of Olha Vesnianka)

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videoCzech media, police accuse Romani family of inciting brawl with non-Roma at children's pool, first to report the Romani mother's testimony

13.8.2018 12:10 The Plivátko swimming facility in the Czech town of Dubí is probably the most famous one in the entire country right now. News server has reported that an apparently banal incident among some children playing at the children's pool there first sparked an argument and then a brawl between a Romani woman and a "white" woman.  full story

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Slovak Police say shooting incident not racially motivated, gunmen wanted sex and didn't get it

18.10.2017 10:44 Slovak media are reporting that the shooting incident involving three men firing a submachine gun at the home of a Romani family in the Varguľa settlement in the town of Pohronská Polhora apparently had neither an extremist nor a racist subtext. According to the Banská Bystrica Regional Police Director, Štefan Šurek, the assailants were drunk and drove to the settlement because they wanted sex with local Romani women.  full story

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Czech Republic: Children's text messages prove incident not one of "Roma gang violence", as media incorrectly reported

17.10.2017 9:57 The editors of news server have seen copies of the electronic communications between the youths who were recently involved in a public brawl in the town of Louny. The communications conclusively document that reports describing the incident as involving a gang of Romani youths demanding protection money from non-Romani children - the version disseminated by some media outlets (such as Dení and by some online social network users - is incorrect.  full story

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