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May 18, 2022




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USA: Shooter at synagogue in Pittsburgh remanded into custody without bail

30.10.2018 19:06 A court in the United States has sent Robert Bowers, the man accused of shooting 11 Jewish people to death on Saturday, 27 October at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, into custody without the possibility of posting bail after formally charging him. He will appear in court on Thursday, when evidence will be submitted in the case.  full story

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Czech Police searching for man who assaulted students for speaking English in Ostrava

9.12.2017 10:24 A group of international students were assaulted on 25 November on a tram in Ostrava, Czech Republic by a self-proclaimed local resident because they were speaking English. After provoking them, the man disembarked with the group and struck two of them.  full story

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USA: Number of cases of anti-Semitism grows since Trump elected

26.4.2017 7:50 Yesterday the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) announced that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States has been significantly growing since last year's
presidential campaign and the subsequent victory of Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. During 2016, according to the ADL, 34 % more such cases happened compared to 2015.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani street musician shines in "Pianist of the Year" competition

17.4.2017 11:32 Robert Ferenc, the talented young pianist about whom we wrote in the October issue of Romano voďi, has come in fourth place in the "Pianist of the Year" competition in the Czech Republic. The 24-year-old musician from Liberec performs almost daily at the Masaryk train station in Prague.  full story

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Czech Republic: 2 000 demonstrate against racism in Prague after neo-Nazis graffiti "HateFree" cafés

27.4.2016 15:11 On 25 April as many as 2 000 people assembled on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square in Prague to protest against the fact that several businesses and metro stations in Prague were spray-painted with neo-Nazi slogans and symbols over the weekend. Organizers of Monday's event, called "Prague is Not Afraid", wanted to demonstrate that there is no place in Czech society for Nazi ideology and violence.  full story

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Czech Green Party chair describes hateful verbal assault on Prague public transport

5.3.2016 21:34 It's happened to me twice now, within a very short amount of time. I get on the tram, take a seat, and suddenly behind me, from the rear platform, someone starts yelling this to the whole tram car: "That's the creep who's inviting Muslims to our country to rape our Czech women, I'm telling everybody here, that's Matěj Stropnický, look at him" (the whole tram turns to look and a couple of people laugh at me) "the shame of our nation! What are you doing, you motherfucker? You wanna take me? Come on, get out, let's go!" (by now the tram is absolutely silent and, what's more, we're in a traffic jam).  full story

Analysis: Czech court convicts neo-Nazis as an organized group for the first time in history

1.2.2016 20:36 Over the past three years we have regularly reported on the case of neo-Nazis from the Czech faction of the Blood & Honour organization who have been indicted for that activity (see here, here and here). This analysis is a summary of the development of this case so far, which has just produced its first verdict: Most of those indicted have been convicted as members of an organized group.
 full story

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Commentary: Czech Police not living up to their motto

20.7.2015 18:26 Even though I have long had no illusions about how that notorious motto of the Czech Police, "To assist and protect", can sometimes work in practice, during Saturday's demonstrations on Wenceslas Square I could not believe my eyes. Honor is of course due to the officers who kept the enraged, fanatical neo-Nazis away from the people expressing solidarity with refugees that evening (which is, after all, their job), but I would like to discuss my experience with those of their colleagues who did not lift a finger when I directly asked them for assistance.  full story

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Commentary: A hijacked ceremony and the moral power of the Mothers of Srebrenica

16.7.2015 19:24 When Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić set out last Saturday for the ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of the genocide near the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, he probably did not expect to be received with applause, but he probably did not suspect he would have to quickly leave the memorial to the victims at the former UN base in Srebrenica-Potočari in a stampede under a hail of curses, plastic bottles and rocks. On a day that was supposed to honor the memory of the more than 8 000 ethnic Muslims massacred by Bosnian Serbian military units in July 1995 near Srebrenic the victims instead became yet again a target of hypocritical political games at truth and reconciliation.  full story

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Czech Republic: Three left-wing extremists face life in prison for planning terrorism

9.5.2015 13:17 Three of the six people who were charged last week after the Czech Police conducted a raid against extremists are now facing the possibility of life in prison. Police say they were preparing a terrorist attack on a train.  full story

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Czech DSSS supporter tells court that "gypsies" and homeless people are better off dead

Prague, 16.3.2015 16:50, (ROMEA) Jan Mokrý (age 24), who is accused of the attempted murder of two homeless men, told the court today that his intention had been to torture them. He also said he regrets that they survived his attack.  full story

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Ukraine: Terrorist attack in Kharkov results in four dead, hopelessness and insecurity

1.3.2015 20:19, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic, the bloodshed caused by the shooting in Uherský Brod, the worst such incident in Czech history, has overshadowed media coverage of a terrorist attack committed last weekend against those participating in the "March for Dignity" in Kharkov to mark the first anniversary of the victory of the Maidan uprising. Throughout Ukraine, concerns have multiplied that a new phase of the civil war might be beginning in Kharkov involving an expansion of the war zone and the destabilization of the tense local situation in the run-up to municipal elections this fall.  full story

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Czech trial continues of racially motivated attack on Romani family in their home

25.2.2015 18:57, (ROMEA) In mid-February the trial resumed of a man who has been charged with committing racially motivated grievous bodily harm, violence against an ethnic group and individuals, illegal drug production, trespassing, property destruction and making threats under the influence of addictive substances. News server has previously reported on this case here  full story

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Czech poll finds more optimism, but also more fear of immigrants

Prague, 19.2.2015 21:27, (ROMEA) Last year the optimism of Czechs grew significantly in many areas of public life. According to most people, however, the situation with respect to immigration has deteriorated in the Czech Republic, as has the security situation.  full story

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Czech Republic: More charges over brawl in Ostrava, six people being prosecuted

Ostrava, 30.1.2015 1:07, (ROMEA) Police have charged another assailant from the large group of people who attacked the security guards of a gaming room in mid-January in Ostrava. The serious scuffle between the bodyguards and the Romani assailants occurred after two customers were removed from the gaming room by bouncers.  full story

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Czech Police investigate brawl between gaming room bouncers and Romani customers in Ostrava

Ostrava, 16.1.2015 19:47, (ROMEA) A large group of Romani customers attacked security guards on Wednesday at a gaming room in Ostrava-Bělský Les. The scuffle between the bodyguards and the customers happened
after members of the security team removed two Romani customers from the premises.  full story

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Ukraine: Editorial offices of "disobedient" newspaper set on fire in Kharkov

Kharkov, 15.1.2015 18:59, (ROMEA) A serious incident took place last weekend in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov when unidentified perpetrators broke windows in the editorial offices of the nationwide newspaper Slovyanka, defaced the walls with Nazi swastikas and threatening messages, and set the building on fire with Molotov cocktails. According to eyewitnesses, the group of perpetrators had been active participants in demonstrations in Kharkov honoring the victims of the Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris.  full story

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