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May 21, 2022




Part of the memorial at Lidice, Czech Republic commemorating the gassing to death of 82 local children in reprisal for the assassination of Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich on 4 June 1942. (PHOTO:
Part of the memorial at Lidice, Czech Republic commemorating the gassing to death of 82 local children in reprisal for the assassination of Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich on 4 June 1942. (PHOTO:

Třebíč, Czech Republic commemorates anniversary of Holocaust transports from there

31.5.2018 6:38 A prayer procession past seven recently-installed Stones to the Disappeared (also called stolpersteine) was how the Holocaust memorial event in Třebíč, Czech Republic began on 28 May. Those attending remembered the Holocaust and its victims and the transport of Jewish residents from Třebíč in May 1942.  full story

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Czech Republic: Commemoration of Romani partisan will plant tree in his honor

17.7.2017 8:16 A Romani hero of the Czechoslovak resistance during WWII, the partisan Josef Serinek, will be commemorated by an assembly at the end of this month. The event is being
organized by the Black Partisan initiative (Černý partyzán), led by former Green Party chair Ondřej Liška, who is currently the country director in the Czech Republic of the Ashoka organization.  full story

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As politicians mark International Holocaust Remembrance day, Czech extremists deny it

28.1.2016 18:02 Yesterday, 27 January, was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In 2005 the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed it as such, a motion supported by a total of 91 of its member states.  full story

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Czech Labor Minister says pig farm must be removed from Roma Holocaust site

14.5.2015 8:04 On Wednesday, 13 May, the annual commemoration ceremony for the Romani victims of Nazism took place at the Lety Memorial. The gathering is traditionally organized by the Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust in the Czech Republic (VPORH), which brings together former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps who are Romani and their relatives.  full story

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Czech customs officials detain 15 Syrian refugees at Rozvadov

7.4.2015 0:11 Fifteen Syrian refugees were discovered by Czech customs officials from Plzeň on Friday at around 8 PM when they checked a Hungarian van at the Rozvadov border crossing. The refugees were heading to Germany on the D5 highway.  full story

US Ambassador to the OSCE Daniel B. Baer

US Ambassador to OSCE: Roma issues are Europe's unfinished human rights business

3.4.2015 23:30, (ROMEA) In advance of International Romani Day on 8 April, US Ambassador to the OSCE Daniel B. Baer held a press conference about how the OSCE works on Roma issues. Journalists from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Slovakia and the United States joined the teleconference, including  full story

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Ukraine: Roma in Transcarpathia fear hunger, mobilization and the police

21.3.2015 23:59, (ROMEA) News server has interviewed Romani studies scholar Michael Beníšek about the everyday life of Romani people in the Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod and its environs, their concerns, identity and language, their relationship toward the gadje, their love of Bollywood films and the new wave of Romani refugees from Transcarpathia now entering Britain with Hungarian passports. Beníšek studied Indology and Romani Studies at the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University in Prague, where he then remained at the Romani Studies Seminar as an educator  full story

Czech Government grants asylum to 15 families from Syria

Prague, 15.1.2015 0:21, (ROMEA) The Czech Government has agreed to grant asylum to refugees from Syria. Czech Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Bělobrádek (Christian Democrats - KDU-ČSL) announced the decision on Twitter on 14 January.  full story

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UN: Pro-Russian separatists, Ukrainian forces violating human rights

Geneva, 27.8.2014 15:35, (ROMEA) Reuters reports that both pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian Government forces are violating human rights during the current conflict in eastern Ukraine. According to a UN report, kidnapping, murder and torture are taking place there.  full story

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Ukraine: Neo-Nazis from Right Sector threaten armed march on Kiev

Kiev, 18.8.2014 16:17, (ROMEA) A sharp conflict has broken out between the leadership of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry and the commander of the neo-Nazi group Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh. The Ukrainian press reports that Yarosh has accused Interior Minister Arsen Avakov of "counter-revolution" and has threatened an armed march on Kiev.  full story

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Director of Lidice Memorial says Czech MP's remarks about Lety were unfortunate

Lidice, 11.8.2014 20:42, (ROMEA) Milouš Červencl, director of the Lidice Memorial, which administers the remembrance site at Lety by Písek, says Czech MP Tomio Okamura's recent remarks about the camp were unfortunate. "Especially at a time when all of Europe is commemorating the Romani Holocaust, about which there can be no doubt," Červencl told news server  full story

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European Roma and Sinti commemorate 70th anniversary of the gassing of 3 000 Roma and Sinti at Auschwitz

Oswiecim, Poland, 2.8.2014 18:00, (ROMEA) Former concentration camp prisoners, representatives of Romani organizations, and young Romani people all commemorated the 70th anniversary of the liquidation of the so-called "gypsy camp" in the Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz. During the night of 2 August and the morning of 3 August 1944, the last 3 000 Romani and Sinti children and women left in the camp were murdered in the gas chambers there.  full story

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videoVIDEO: 1.000 young Europeans remember the 70th anniversary of the Roma Genocide

Krakow, 31.7.2014 10:07, (ROMEA) This coming August 2 marks the 70th anniversary of the Roma Genocide. On this date in 1944, 2,897 elderly men and women, as well as children were murdered in the gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. TernYpe – International Roma Youth Network and its partners organize an international conference and youth event gathering 1.000 people from 25 countries to both honour the past and to ensure a future where the rights and dignity of Roma communities are respected.  full story

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Kosovo: Evidence found that hostages were killed for their organs

Brussels, 29.7.2014 17:16, (ROMEA) Investigators commissioned by the European Union have gathered convincing evidence that hostages were murdered so their organs could be harvested and sold during the 1990s war in Kosovo. American prosecutor Clint Williamson, who has been entrusted with investigating crimes in Kosovo, has arrived at that conclusion.  full story

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Deaths of paratroopers who assassinated Nazi official in Czechoslovakia remembered

Prague, 21.6.2014 0:13, (ROMEA) People gathered today to mark the anniversary of the death of seven Czechoslovak paratroopers in the Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius on Resslova Street in Prague. The men met their deaths in the crypt of the Orthodox church 72 years ago.  full story

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Global refugee numbers exceed 50 million, more than half of them children

Geneva, 20.6.2014 23:34, (ROMEA) The number of people fleeing hardship and violence has exceeded 50 million for the first time since the Second World War according to a report issued for 2013 by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The report was released on the occasion of World Refugee Day.  full story

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65th anniversary of Czechoslovak Communists' execution of general who knew too much

Prague, 20.6.2014 22:56, (ROMEA) Tomorrow will mark 65 years since the Communists executed General Heliodor Píka in the town of Plzeň. A memorial service for Píka was held today in front of the building of the General Staff and attended by Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnický and Chief of Staff Petr Pavel.  full story

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