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May 17, 2022




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Canadian media: Czech visas lifted for EU trade agreement

Ottawa, Canada, 19.11.2013 15:31, (ROMEA) The lifting of Canadian visas for Czech citizens, according to the Canadian press, is linked to a trade agreement between Canada and the European Union. The Globe and Mail reported on 14 November that the Czech Republic had made it clear that it might not ratify the agreement unless the visa requirement was lifted.  full story

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Canadian ambassador to "abusers" of asylum from Czech Republic: "Don't do it"

Prague, 16.11.2013 21:26, (ROMEA) Citizens of the Czech Republic can travel to Canada without visas as of 14 November. Ambassador Otto Jelinek has confirmed that the visa obligation imposed in July 2009 has been lifted.  full story

Visas may be restored for Western Balkans if Roma problem not solved

Sofia, 27.10.2012 19:13, (ROMEA) The EU threatened to restore the visa regime for Serbia and four other candidates for EU members if they do not solve the Roma problem.  full story

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