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December 1, 2021



Vladimir Putin

The "oeuvre" of the social media user "Arnošt Hibler" involves invective against Jewish people and those who are not white. His ideal of beauty - those who are the "children of God", in his view - are Slavs. They are also meant to be the "chosen" nation who will cut off America's head, as this graphic posted to his social media profile illustrates. (2020)

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Karel Holomek: Merkel vs. Putin? Outrageous

2.9.2016 7:30 I frequently marvel at the values that are apparently held by a rather large number of people in the Czech Republic who make clear their hatreds and low instincts by protesting against God only knows whom (or why). I was most recently convinced of what those values are during German Chancellor Merkel's visit here.  full story

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