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June 26, 2022



volby do Evropského parlamentu has published an analysis of the dissemination of myths about the EU on disinformation websites during 2018. (PHOTO: has published an analysis of the dissemination of myths about the EU on disinformation websites during 2018. (PHOTO:

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Czech court wants EP threshold lowered, extremists would have it easier if so

Prague, 26.6.2014 17:27, (ROMEA) The Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic (Nejvyšší správní soud - NSS) is proposing that the Constitutional Court abolish the 5 % threshold for becoming a Member of the European Parliament. The elections appeal panel has sided with a motion filed by the Czech Green Party and the Czech Pirate Party.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani figures rebuke Romani entrepreneur for anti-Roma slurs

Brno/Prague, 11.6.2014 23:22, (ROMEA) The Brno-based entrepreneur Rastislav Lučanský, who recently ran as an EP candidate, will be leaving the Romani Democratic Party (Romská demokratická strana- RDS) to establish his own political movement. Lučanský is said to have failed to reach an understanding with his RDS colleagues.  full story

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Czech Equal Opportunities Party has new chair

Prague, 5.6.2014 23:28, (ROMEA) After the failure of the Equal Opportunities Party during the recent elections for the European Parliament, Štefan Tišer has resigned his post as chair. The party's new chair is its former adviser, Miroslav Kováč.  full story

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Germany: Schäuble calls the French FN a fascist party

3.6.2014 22:53, (ROMEA) The ultra-right Front National (FN), which has won the EP elections in France, was called extremist and fascist on Tuesday, 27 May by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. FN vice-chair Florian Philippot then responded by demanding that French President François Hollande summon the German ambassador to Paris to demand an explanation.  full story

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Czech EP vote turnout very low

Prague, 24.5.2014 20:28, (ROMEA) The Czech News Agency reports that interest in the elections to the European Parliament in the Czech Republic is very low, with election commissioners reporting on Saturday afternoon that less than 15 % of the electorate had turned out on average. This could ultimately be a record-low level of participation.  full story

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Meet the EU Parliament’s (Likely) First-Elected Feminist Party Member

Stockholm, 24.5.2014 17:36, (ROMEA) Europe's parliamentary elections are expected to end this weekend with a surprising first: The first-ever member elected from a feminist party to the European Parliament. Less surprising is the likely MEP’s country of origin, Sweden. The bastion of gender equality has a nine-year-old feminist political party, the Feminist Initiative (which also has outposts in Germany and France), and it is on track to secure the 4 percent of the country’s vote necessary to send a representative to the EU’s legislative body. At the top of the party’s batting order is Soraya Post, 57, a longtime human rights activist who spoke to the Cut from Stockholm, where she’s wrapping up her campaign.  full story

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EP elections underway, Mr Le Pen says Ebola virus would "solve" the "population explosion"

EU, 22.5.2014 21:06, (ROMEA) Elections to the European Parliament have begun throughout the EU. The first to vote today as of 7:30 AM CET were the Dutch, with Britons opening the polls at 8:00 AM.  full story

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Czech Republic: ANO to win EP vote, Úsvit down to 1 %

Prague, 20.5.2014 22:40, (ROMEA) One-fourth of the voters in the Czech Republic, according to the Center for Public Opinion Research (Centrum pro výzkum veřejného mínění - CVVM) say they would vote for the ANO movement in the EP elections if they were held today. Support for the Czech Social Democrats (ČSSD) has risen to 23 % since April and the Communists (KSČM) have improved their standing as well.  full story

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EU: Ultra-right could win EP seats in almost half of the Member States

Prague, 20.5.2014 22:09, (ROMEA) The Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which does not hide its admiration for Adolf Hitler, the Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik), which is often charged with anti-Romani agitation and anti-Semitism, and the UK Independence Party, which declaims against immigrants and is demanding Britain's exit from the European Union - all of these eurosceptic, ultra-right parties are well on the way to winning seats at the EP in the upcoming elections. Even though surveys show the EP will continue to be dominated by mainstream parties, the radical right has already significantly influenced political events across Europe.  full story

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Analysis: Czech parties defaming Roma during EP campaign

Prague, 16.5.2014 21:52, (ROMEA) The Parliament of the European Union definitely has a lot to look forward to from the Czech Republic this year. Famous antigypsyists and con artists who believe we have forgotten about their past crimes are planning to get to Brussels by playing the anti-Roma card.  full story

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Czech Republic: Ultranationalist Úsvit loses lead EP candidate to fraud scandal

Prague, 10.5.2014 17:23, (ROMEA) The attorney Klára Samková is no longer the lead candidate for the Úsvit (Dawn of Direct Democracy) movement in the EP elections in the Czech Republic. A source for the party has confirmed her removal.  full story

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Pitomio Bandas Manic of the Workers' Dawn of Healthy Imprudence: Eradicate inadaptability from the EU!

Czech Republic, European Union, 8.5.2014 0:35, (ROMEA) Pitomio Bandas Manic, the chair of the Workers' Dawn of Healthy Imprudence (Dělnický úsvit zdravého nerozumu - DÚZN), who is its leading candidate for the EP race, would like to enforce the abolition of the European Union. Before he succeeds with that, he will fight for reduced unemployment and restrictions on immigration.  full story

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Czech Green Party EP candidate mocks xenophobic campaign by Úsvit

Prague, 6.5.2014 22:55, (ROMEA) Šádí Shanáh, a candidate for the Green Party (Strana zelených - SZ) in the Czech Republic running for the European Parliament, has decided to respond to the xenophobic campaign being run by the Úsvit ("Dawn of Direct Democracy") movement of Czech MP Tomio Okamura and has posted his own e-fliers, called "Shanáh's Statement on the launch of the campaign 'Humor against Hatred - Šádí Shanáh's Dawn of Human Decency'" on the Facebook profile of the Úsvit movement and of Okamura. News server brings you the full translation of that statement below.  full story

Czech EP candidate brought down by video of him singing Nazi anthem

Prague, 6.5.2014 19:39, (ROMEA) The political career of 23-year-old Milan Zavada has ended before it could even begin. The youth who has been running for the ANO movement of Czech Deputy Prime Minister Babiš in this year's EP elections has had his hopes dashed by an imprudent home video recording of him at a drunken party of adolescents.  full story

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videoMiroslav Kováč: How do we stand up to neo-Nazism - with arms, or with diplomacy?

Prague, 2.5.2014 22:04, (ROMEA) Photos of yesterday's DSSS rally in Ústí nad Labem are being shared on Facebook. Among Romani people, the image that is resounding the most is one in which, after a conversation, the chair of the Equal Opportunities Party (SRP), Štefan Tišer, shakes hands with DSSS chair Tomáš Vandas.  full story

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Czech Republic: Úsvit running a racist, xenophobic EP campaign

Prague, 28.4.2014 18:16, (ROMEA) The Úsvit (Dawn of Direct Democracy) movement of Czech MP Tomio Okamura has officially launched its racist, xenophobic election campaign. The movement is using a poster depicting white sheep kicking a black sheep off of the Czech flag along with slogans against immigrants and Roma.  full story

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Jewish organizations fear rise of anti-Semitism in the EU during elections

Berlin, 9.4.2014 19:09, (ROMEA) The eventual success of right-wing extremist parties in the EP elections could lead to a strengthening of anti-Semitic rhetoric in Europe and could contribute to increased attacks against Jewish people. Rabbi Andrew Baker, the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office on Combating Anti-Semitism, warned of such a possibility on Monday.  full story

Czech ultra-right party launches EP run by burning EU flag

Prague, 26.3.2014 21:23, (ROMEA) Roughly 10 followers of the Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) arrived this past Saturday for the start of an election rally in the center of Prague to show their support for DSSS chair Tomáš Vandas, who was launching his campaign for the European Parliament. Their first symbolic step in the EP elections was to burn the EU flag.  full story

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Czech Republic: Equal Opportunities Party and Roma Democratic Party field EP candidates

Prague, 18.3.2014 22:09, (ROMEA) A total of 39 political groups have registered their candidates for this year's elections to the European Parliament with the Czech Interior Ministry. There are six more candidates this time than there were during the last EP elections five years ago.  full story

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