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August 20, 2022




Chanov, April 2012 (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Czech city ignores Constitutional Court and refuses to abolish ordinance banning sitting outdoors

24.4.2018 15:52 The Mostecký deník daily reports that the City of Most is rejecting a call from the Czech Interior Ministry to abolish the unlawful part of a local ordinance banning sitting outdoors other than in locations intended for that purpose. "This is an effective tool for the local police and we do not just want to give it up," said Mayor Jan Paparega  full story

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Czech Public Defender of Rights says municipal bans on sitting in public are unconstitutional

1.2.2016 0:45 News server reports that Czech Public Defender of Rights Anna Šabatová is asking the Constitutional Court to overturn some parts of ordinances adopted by the northern Bohemian towns of Litvínov and Varnsdorf banning people from sitting down outdoors on low walls or steps. Similar ordinances have multiplied in recent years, but Šabatová believes they violate freedom of movement and are unconstitutional.  full story

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Czech Senator wants Constitutional Court to review ordinance about "sitting in public"

19.10.2015 23:09 News server reports that Czech Senator Václav Láska is planning to bring the town of Rotava before the Constitutional Court over its ordinance restricting "sitting in public" in some parts of its territory. "The expert opinion I have commissioned says the ordinance is not constitutional. The problem is that it is endeavoring achieve an aim other than its stated aim. The restrictions concern just certain sections of the town without any logical reason as to why they should apply to that particular area," he explained.  full story

Chanov, April 2012 (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Czech city enacts ordinance banning "sitting in problem areas"

13.10.2015 19:55 An ordinance has taken effect in 11 selected localities of the Czech city of Most restricting options for spending time outside by banning seating on freestanding walls or on chairs brought outdoors, as well as forbidding the use of barbecue grills. Similar ordinances apply in other towns in the Ústí Region such as Duchcov, Krupka and Litvínov.  full story

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Another Czech town's ban on sitting outdoors takes effect

27.7.2015 19:32 In mid-July a "Generally Binding Ordinance on securing local affairs of public order and improving the town's appearance" took effect in the Czech town of Bílina. The ordinance names activities that are banned because they could disturb public order or contravene good morals, the protection of public health, property and safety, or because they could disturb the town's aesthetic appearance.  full story

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