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August 19, 2022



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Czech Justice Minister Robert Pelikán (center) visited socially excluded localities in the Moravian-Silesian Region on 28 March 2018. (PHOTO:  Czech Justice Ministry)
Czech Justice Minister Robert Pelikán (center) visited socially excluded localities in the Moravian-Silesian Region on 28 March 2018. (PHOTO: Czech Justice Ministry)

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Czech landlord pressured to leave Civic Democratic Party for trafficking in poverty, he denies the accusation

25.7.2018 5:59 Martin Kuba, the chair of the South Bohemian regional association of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), has met with his party colleague, Jan Zedník, seeking an explanation of Zedník's business enterprises leasing apartment units in socially excluded localities. News server reports that Kuba has proposed cancelling Zedník's party membership.  full story

videoSlovakia: Romani girl from bad neighborhood did the best on entrance exams, now tutors others

15.6.2018 13:37 Eva Marie Duždová, a Romani girl from Slovakia, is living proof that we should abandon our prejudices and not look at the world in terms of black or white. Eva just came in first place during the entrance examinations for an eight-year college preparatory school in Prešov.  full story

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Czech Justice Minister visits Moravian-Silesian Region's excluded localities, housing is the most essential issue

2.4.2018 8:12 Life in excluded localities, trafficking in "social housing", unemployment, indebtedness, educational problems, and crime. All of these subjects were encountered by Justice and Human Rights Minister Robert Pelikán and Deputy Justice and Human Rights Minister Martina Štěpánková, who runs the Human Rights Section, during their third trip together with the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion.  full story

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Czech Republic: Apartment building on fire in Romani neighborhood, 20 injured, including children

22.3.2018 9:20 In the Předlice quarter of Ústí nad Labem 20 people are injured after an apartment building caught fire there this morning. Most of those injured are suffering from smoke inhalation. 

 full story

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Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has no new boss yet, temporary manager appointed from within

25.10.2017 12:34 The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion has not yet chosen a new director to replace Radek Jiránek. As of the close of September he is no longer director and as of 1 October management of the Agency has been temporarily handed over to Radka Soukupová.  full story

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Czech town buying dilapidated prefab apartment building on housing estate to demolish it

4.5.2017 9:23 The Czech municipality of Litvínov will buy one of the dilapidated prefabricated apartment buildings at the problem-filled Janov housing estate. Town assembly members decided on 28 April to pay the owner, the CPI byty company, CZK 345 000 [EUR 13 000] for it.  full story

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Romani residents of excluded locality in northern Czech Republic organize cleanup of its public spaces

17.4.2017 9:49 From Thursday 30 March through Saturday, 1 April, the newly-created Amare Předlice ("Our Předlice") group held its "Úklid Předlic" (Předlice Cleanup) event in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. The event was historically an important breakthrough for this community living in social exclusion and primarily for the locality itself, which has long been socially excluded.  full story

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Czech town approves plan to buy run-down apartments back from private owner, Romani tenants to be affected

3.4.2017 8:00 Local assembly members in the Czech town of Sokolov have approved a plan to buy the partially derelict apartment buildings located above the Alfa cinema there. The purhase will be definitively decided at the next assembly session in May after all the conditions of the purchase have been investigated.  full story

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Czech artist's guide to Brno neighborhood nominated for award, Romani activists are not happy

20.3.2017 21:02 A guidebook to the neighborhood in Brno colloquially referred to as the "Bronx" that has been published by artist Kateřina Šedá, has been previously reviewed by news server The book,"Brnox", has now been nominated for the Magnesia Litera award in the category of "Journalism".  full story

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Czech Supreme Audit Office: People who are not disadvantaged at all are being awarded "social housing"

29.3.2016 23:27 State-subsidized apartments are being leased by people in the Czech Republic who are not living with any kind of medical or social disadvantage. What's more, the Czech Regional Development Ministry is not keeping track of who is actually taking advantage of such subsidized properties.  full story

Slovak Police investigating suspicions of vote-buying in Romani settlements

15.3.2016 17:49 Police in Slovakia are investigating whether vote-buying has occurred in two Romani settlements in eastern Slovakia, where two lesser-known candidates for the governing party Směr-Sociální Demokracie (Direction-Social Democracy - Směr-SD), Peter Chudík and Stanislav Kubánek, won many more preferential votes than Slovak PM Robert Fico, the party's chair and most popular politician. Parliamentary elections were held in Slovakia more than a week ago.  full story

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Czech Government approves social exclusion strategy for 2016-2020

18.2.2016 17:33 The Czech Government has adopted a document focused on addressing the existence of socially excluded localities and preventing the creation of new ones, including introducing a system for regularly monitoring the phenomenon of social exclusion in collaboration with all of the relevant ministries. According to the most recent research published by the Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry in 2015, there are between 95 000 and 115 000 socially excluded persons living in the Czech Republic concentrated in 606 socially excluded localities.  full story

One of the residential hotels in Ostrava on Cihelná street (2013). (Photo:  František Kostlán)

Residential hotel tenants petition Czech PM over discrimination against the impoverished

8.12.2015 18:26 "The poverty caused by the ill-considered amendments to the social laws is unlike any that has ever existed in the modern history of our country," reads a press release sent out by an informal initiative of residential hotel tenants asserting that the situation of the families with children, senior citizens and unemployed occupants of such facilities is so critical it could become a cause of social unrest. The tenants have written a petition to the Czech Prime Minister protesting against a planned amendment to the law on aid to those in material distress.  full story

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Karel Holomek: Do Roma fall into poverty from the same causes and in the same way as everyone else?

2.12.2015 19:43 In the Czech Government's regular annual report on the state of the Romani minority, the most essential message is that as many as 115 000 people today are living in impoverished ghettos and that this number, compared to 2006, has almost doubled from the 60 000 people so afflicted then, and that currently there are as many as 600 such ghettos (excluded localities) compared to an estimated 300 then. It is also casually mentioned, along with this number, that most of these people are Romani, because, after all, this is a report on the status of the Romani minority, not just a report on the state of poverty in general.  full story

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Czech Republic: Analysis shows number of persons in need of affordable housing is rising in Frýdlant district

21.11.2015 17:56 A new situational analysis of the Frýdlant district has pointed out there is a growing number of persons in need of housing, not enough municipally-owned social apartments, and "trafficking in poverty" is blossoming. One area focused on by the authors of the analysis was housing in socially excluded localities.  full story

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Czech Gov't Agency for Social Inclusion wants to focus more on activation and community work

10.11.2015 23:46 The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion is preparing to open up centers in three regions in January. Branches of the Agency should open in Ostrava, Prague, and Ústí nad Labem.  full story

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Commentary: Czech Education Minister says "Romani schools" won't change overnight as a result of new law

23.10.2015 19:19 In an interview for the daily Dení, Czech Education Minister Kateřina Valachová said that the ministry's plan to educate all children together is not "social engineering" and that people should not believe that it will mean the Romani children who attend "Romani schools" in the ghettos will suddenly begin attending schools elsewhere. Inclusion, according to the minister, is not something to undertake casually.  full story

Chanov, April 2012 (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Czech city enacts ordinance banning "sitting in problem areas"

13.10.2015 19:55 An ordinance has taken effect in 11 selected localities of the Czech city of Most restricting options for spending time outside by banning seating on freestanding walls or on chairs brought outdoors, as well as forbidding the use of barbecue grills. Similar ordinances apply in other towns in the Ústí Region such as Duchcov, Krupka and Litvínov.  full story

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