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October 31, 2020




This graph shows answers to the question:  Is the issue of racism in the Czech Republic sufficiently addressed? 41 % of respondents said it is not, 36 % said it is, 13 % said they had no opinion and 10 % said the issue is not relevant to the Czech Republic. (2020). (SOURCE:  Nielsen Admosphere)
This graph shows answers to the question: Is the issue of racism in the Czech Republic sufficiently addressed? 41 % of respondents said it is not, 36 % said it is, 13 % said they had no opinion and 10 % said the issue is not relevant to the Czech Republic. (2020). (SOURCE: Nielsen Admosphere)

Survey shows people in the Czech Republic trust each other less and have less tolerance for minorities

30.6.2018 8:42 Trust is declining in the Czech Republic. So is the degree of tolerance for some minorities - immigrants in general and Muslims in particular.  full story

EU Agency for Fundamental Rights finds Czech Republic the place that rejects Romani people the most

30.4.2018 15:29 The lives of many Romani people in Europe are similar to the lives of people living in the poorer countries of the world, according to a report released earlier this month by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) entitled "A persisting concern: anti-Gypsyism as a barrier to Roma inclusion". The main problems Romani people face daily in the EU include hunger, poor hygienic conditions, and youth unemployment, according to the report.  full story

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Czech research finds educators believe excessive numbers of pupils in classes are barrier to inclusion

7.3.2018 18:14 According to a survey of the opinions of principals and teachers about the impacts of the reforms for common education (amendments about inclusion), after the first year of implementing the reforms in practice what has most improved is financial support for educating children with special needs. Principals of mainstream primary schools, however, continue to grapple with a lack of assistants and special educators.  full story

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Czech survey finds youth are more prejudiced against minorities than their elders

8.2.2018 7:46 A survey performed by experts from the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (ÚSTR) in collaboration with the Institute of Sociology has ascertained that while the subjects of the Holocaust, minorities and tolerance are being taught in the Czech schools, the instruction is having no influence on some widespread prejudices. ÚSTR has long focused on instruction about these sensitive historical subjects in the schools and more than 600 teachers take its courses annually.  full story

Czech survey on migration in socially excluded localities finds people move too frequently, either to escape debt or because the mafia evicts them

4.5.2017 11:40 The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion, as part of its project called the "Campaign against Hate Violence and Racism", has published two surveys about loan-
sharking and migration inside of socially excluded localities. News server publishes here in full translatoin a commentary on their findings by Roman Matoušek, who summarizes their recommendations regarding internal migration in the Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech survey finds 45 % of Romani ghetto residents don't trust police, 42 % do

26.4.2017 10:30 Roughly 45 % of the Romani residents of the so-called excluded localities do not trust the Czech Police. Two-thirds of those surveyed believe police officers have prejudices against Romani people.  full story

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Czech media analysis warns of pro-Kremlin websites: Dangerous propaganda and unfair reporting

25.6.2016 12:39 Pro-Kremlin websites in the Czech Republic, primarily the online tabloid Parlamentní listy, are exploiting sophisticated methods for manipulating public opinion that break all the rules of professional journalism. Those are the results of an analysis performed by political scientists at Masaryk University with the support of the European Values think tank.  full story

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Academic research finds no differences between Czech and Romani pupils' delinquent behavior

6.5.2016 9:39 According to a new study performed by the University of Kentucky in collaboration with the Institute for Psychology at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and published in the prestigious Journal of Criminal Justice, no differences were found between Czech and Romani pupils attending the same schools when it came to alcohol use, school misconduct, or theft. The website of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic reported the publication on 2 May.  full story

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Czech Republic: Analysis finds online hate rising, adult males perpetrate the most

13.4.2016 13:24 During 2015 a noticeable growth occurred in the amount of hate speech on Czech-language online social networks and other communications platforms such as discussion forums linked to articles on news servers. Those are the results of an analysis produced by the People in Need (Člověk v tísni) called "Hate Speech in the Online Environment and Social Networks" (Projevy nenávisti v online prostoru a sociálních sítích).  full story

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Czech Public Defender of Rights says 11 % of the population encounters discrimination

22.1.2016 22:48 The Office of the Public Defender of Rights issued a press release today reporting that discrimination is directly experienced by 11 % of the population of the Czech Republic, usually when seeking work or directly in the workplace. The most frequent problem is discrimination due to advanced age.  full story

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Research shows Slovaks take stricter approach to judging Romani people than to judging Hungarians - or themselves

11.11.2015 19:06 News server Denní reports that a team of Slovak scholars, led by sociologist Andrej Findor from Comenius University, have conducted research to ascertain how respondents assess the commission of a misdemeanor depending on whether it is committed by an ethnic Hungarian, Roma or Slovak. Compared to the other groups, it is absolutely clear that respondents assess Romani people most strictly.  full story

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Czech research finds teachers support educating all children together

26.8.2015 18:42 Research performed as part of a project called "Systemic Support for Inclusive Education in the Czech Republic" has found that teachers are inclined towards educating children with disabilities together with healthy children. However, they condition that agreement on receiving more support for their work.  full story

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Czech research shows appropriate jobs often inaccessible to the unemployed

24.7.2015 23:04 An oft-repeated prejudice in the Czech Republic is that those who receive welfare don't want to work. Just-published research, however, refutes this thesis and finds that many welfare recipients also work in various temporary jobs or without employment contracts, cobbling together an income from a large number of insecure sources.  full story

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