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September 29, 2022




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Patrik Kotlár breaks down stereotypes inside the Vlax Romani community of the Czech Republic

23.9.2017 19:45 Patrik Kotlár is breaking down stereotypes inside the Vlax Romani community of the Czech Republic. He is in his third year at the High School of Management and Law in Brno, where he is focusing on Security Law.  full story

Sunai Sabrioski

Romani journalist from Macedonia raises forced marriage at the OSCE

7.10.2016 14:20 Sunai Sabrioski is a Romani journalist from Macedonia who recently the attended the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting of the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Warsaw, where civil society members usually get three minutes (or less) during the plenary sessions to make recommendations to the delegations of the 57 Participating states. News server conducted the following interview with him.  full story

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Jana Balážová: Romani people need role models, and those grow up in the schools

23.7.2016 15:17 The common education of all children together and the inclusion of children with disadvantages into normal schools is one of the main topics of political discussion today in the Czech Republic. Politicians and teachers are pointing out that the Czech schools are unprepared for this concept.  full story

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ROMEA association's open letter to the non-extremist anti-Romani demonstrators in the Czech Republic

Prague, 9.7.2013 21:51, (ROMEA) The people working at the ROMEA civic association have decided to reach out to those who have participated in the recent anti-Roma demonstrations and who are not extremists. The association hopes to start a dialogue with at least some of you, which might lead to specific proposals for solutions and therefore to greater calm in our coexistence.  full story

Czech survey: Romani people have worst coexistence, employment since 1997

Prague, 27.5.2013 4:58, (ROMEA) Relations between Romani people and the other inhabitants of the Czech Republic are evaluated as poor by 87 % of the population, while 9 % believe they are good, according to a survey by the Center for Public Opinion Research (Centrum pro výzkum veřejného mínění - CVVM). Compared to last year's survey, the evaluation of coexistence has deteriorated to the lowest levels since such surveys began to be conducted in 1997. The CVVM survey contacted 1 000 people over the age of 15 with questions about coexistence with Roma from 8 - 15 April 2013.  full story

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