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August 12, 2022




The exhibition
The exhibition "Insectopia" by Robert Gabris. (PHOTO: Prague Pride)

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Italian Police evict almost 400 Romani people from homes they have lived in since 2005, European Commission says it cannot take legal action

1.8.2018 8:18 During the past week the Italian Police have evicted approximately 400 Romani people living in cottages on the outskirts of Rome. They have had to move away from the Camping River campsite, where they have been living since 2005.  full story

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Objects from Auschwitz Museum featured in international travelling exhibition to warn against growing racism

29.7.2017 11:23 In Poland the first-ever travelling exhibition of objects from the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz has been created. Organizers say its aim is to familiarize the broader public with the horrors of the Holocaust and to send a warning signal to the next generation.  full story

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Petr Torák, Romani police officer, on Brexit: I believe we will remain

21.6.2016 7:41 Czech and Slovak citizens living in Peterborough, England have been discussing the EU referendum a lot in recent weeks, and many are concerned about what it will mean for them. That's according to Petr Torák, a Romani man from the Czech Republic who has been serving on the Peterborough police force for 10 years in a part of the country where, according to polls, proponents of Brexit may achieve a resounding victory.  full story

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Czech activist acquitted of assaulting police officer

30.4.2016 16:42 On 28 April the Municipal Court in Prague acquitted activist Kateřina Krejčová of allegedly assaulting a police officer at a demonstration. According to the verdict, the activist not only never intended to injure the officer, but could not have injured him even if she had wanted to.  full story

Michael Häupl. Photo SPÖ Wien

Austria: Not even refugee crisis could bring the ultra-right full victory, SocDems still rule Vienna

13.10.2015 5:07 The Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) has won 39.4 % of the vote over its competitors, the ultra-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), and has therefore won the regional elections in Vienna. The FPÖ won 32.1 % of the vote, 6.4 % more than in 2010.  full story

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Commentary: Correct language in the USA isn't sparing anyone's life

27.8.2015 19:48 Neither a correct nor a "hypercorrect" vocabulary, in and of itself, is enough to get rid of any problem. Petra Gelbart, who has commented on her shock that the Prague Transit Authority is telling its passengers "amusing" anecdotes about the history of the slang expressions used by drivers, certainly knows this.  full story

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Václav Havel's 1995 speech at the unveiling of the Lety memorial

22.5.2015 11:26 This year marks the 20th anniversary of the unveiling of the modest memorial to the victims of the so-called "Gypsy camp" at Lety by Písek by Czech President Václav Havel. News server publishes the speech he made on that occasion in full translation here.  full story

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Jud Nirenberg: A New Reason to Put Aside the Old Slander against Romani

Washington/USA, 10.12.2014 9:49, (ROMEA) For decades, there has been an often-repeated fantasy that Roma do not plan for their own futures in the same way as others – that Roma care less about education, about jobs or saving money or spending money they don’t have to care for their homes – because the Romani language lacks a future tense. Having no way to speak about the future means not thinking about future consequences of today’s economic decisions, goes the theory. This idea has always been absurd. Firstly, the idea is based upon the myth that Romani does not have a future tense, whereas all dialects of Romani do have future, present and multiple past tenses. In most dialects, Romani regular verbs form the future tense with a suffix.  full story

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Switzerland: Hitler salute in public not always a crime

Lausanne, Switzerland, 23.5.2014 20:37, (ROMEA) According to the Swiss Supreme Court, giving the Nazi salute is not an unpermitted act of racist discrimination if the gesture is meant solely as an expression of personal conviction. The Associated Press reports that the court has released a ruling entitled "Hitler salute in public not always punishable".  full story

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Germany: Granddaughter of Nazi concentration camp commander writes book

Hamburg, Germany, 21.5.2014 20:16, (ROMEA) German author Jennifer Teege has released a book called Amon: My Granddad Would Have Shot Me. In it, the author describes her painful self-discovery and search for her roots after recently learning she is the grandchild of Amon Göth.  full story

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Czech Police confiscate three Czech-Roma flags from art exhibit

Prague, 3.3.2014 17:16, (ROMEA) On the afternoon of 27 February, the Police of the Czech Republic confiscated three of the seven exhibits of Czech-Roma flags that are currently on display at the Art Space gallery, which is run by Prague's Anglo-American University. The flags were being exhibited there as part of the "Selection Procedure for Czech-Roma Flag" project, which was presented from June to September 2013 at the outdoor Artwall gallery in Prague.  full story

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UK: Right-wing extremists use social networks to propagandize through kidnapping hoax

London, 6.2.2014 22:56, (ROMEA) British newspaper The Independent reports that during the past week, thousands of British users of social networking sites have been sharing a poster calling on people to help a little girl allegedly kidnapped by an "Asian gang". Little "Amy Hamilton", however, doesn't exist - she is the creation of an ultra-right group, Britons against Left-Wing Extremism, who have been using the image for propaganda purposes.  full story

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Czech MP visits convict doing time for racially motivated murder

Prague, 25.1.2014 10:32, (ROMEA) Czech MP Tomio Okamura, chair of the "Dawn of Direct Democracy" (Úsvit přímé demokracie) movement and its vice-chair, Jaroslav Novák, visited Vlastimil Pechanec today in prison in Pardubice. Pechanec was convicted of perpetrating the racially-motivated murder of Ota Absolon, a Romani man, in 2001 in Svitavy.  full story

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Russia: 20 people murdered last year in ideologically-motivated attacks

Moscow, Russia, 8.1.2014 0:31, (ROMEA) Last year a total of 20 people were murdered in Russia during ideologically-motivated attacks rooted in racism and xenophobia. That information has now been released by the non-governmental center for analysis, Sova, which has long monitored attacks on foreigners and immigrants there.  full story

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Prague municipality says author of Czech-Roma flag exhibit abused state symbols

Prague, 31.12.2013 1:23, (ROMEA) An exhibition entitled "Selection Procedure for Czech-Roma Flag" ("Výběrové řízení na česko-romskou vlajku") has resulted in its author, Tomáš Rafa, being prosecuted. According to a decision by the Office of the Municipal Department of Prague 7, the artist has been found guilty of committing a misdemeanor, specifically, of abusing state symbols of the Czech Republic, and has been fined.  full story

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Germany: Police official allegedly blocked investigation of ultra-right group

Berlin, Germany, 10.12.2013 22:12, (ROMEA) The ARD television station has reported that a source in the Thuringian Police alleges that a high-ranking police official there obstructed the search for a member of the neo-Nazi group the National Socialist Underground (NSU) in 2003. Detectives did not discover the group until 2011, when 10 murders and many other violent crimes were attributed to them.  full story

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Germany: 746 unsolved murder investigations reopened over possible neo-Nazi involvement

Berlin, Germany, 7.12.2013 17:10, (ROMEA) The Associated Press has reported that the German authorities will be reopening investigations into 746 unsolved cases of attempted murder or murder that have taken place since 1990. The new investigations will focus on possible connections to right-wing extremism.  full story

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