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January 26, 2020
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Petr Kotlár of Český Krumlov plays the main role in
Petr Kotlár of Český Krumlov plays the main role in "The Painted Bird". (2019) (PHOTO: 2media)

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Czech Constitutional Court president: Ethnic and national self-centeredness and xenophobia are a threat to Europe

28.10.2018 19:39 Pavel Rychetský, the president of the Czech Constitutional Court, believes that ethnic and national self-centeredness and xenophobia are a threat to Europe
today. He made his remarks on 24 October during a speech on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia in the reconstructed chambers of the
Constitutional Court, which is also marking 25 years of activity.  full story

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Czech Police refuse immediate comment about extremist stickers on bus used to transport 280 arrested environmental activists

6.7.2018 14:14 A photograph of the interior of a bus used by Czech Police to transport activists arrested after a protest against surface mining for brown coal at the Bílina mine in the Most district shows that a sticker for the hatemongering Ortel band and an anti-Islam sticker with a red line crossing out a mosque were visible above the driver's seat. On 1 July police detained 280 demonstrators on suspicion of misdemeanors.  full story

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Czech court rules in favor of songwriter's widow, xenophobic band loses prize named after him without authorization

22.6.2018 8:40 The Czech organization that gave a music award named after the songwriter Karel Kryl to the frontman for the xenophobic Ortel band, Tomáš Ortel, have lost their appeal of the lawsuit filed against them by the songwriter's widow. The Gold Award for the Legacy of Karel Kryl was given to Ortel last spring by a group called People for the People (Lidé lidem) that actually was not authorized to use the songwriter's name at all.
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Facebook blocks German-language pages of anti-multiculturalism "Identitarian Movement"

11.6.2018 9:00 Facebook has blocked the pages of the Austrian and German Identitarian Movements opposed to immigration, the alleged Islamicization of their countries, and multiculturalism because, according to spokespeople for the company, these organizations disseminate hatred. The movements claim to be concerned about the
alleged disappearance of European culture as a result of non-European immigration and are calling Facebook's move censorship.  full story

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Czech singer gets married on Hitler's birthday at a chateau where the SS were headquartered

25.4.2018 11:06 News server reports that Tomáš Ortel (born Tomáš Hnídek), the singer for the hate-mongering band Ortel, got "secretly" married on Friday, 20 April 2018 at the Zbiroh Chateau. He said "I do" to his longtime girlfriend on Adolf Hitler's birthday in a location where German SS units headquartered their high command during WWII.
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