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April 17, 2021




Czech expenditure on aid to those in material distress lowest for the last six years

26.7.2018 8:30 Expenditures on the set of welfare benefits known in the Czech Republic as "aid to those in material distress" have significantly fallen for the fourth year in a row and are at their lowest levels in six years. The number of persons receiving assistance from the state is also declining.  full story

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Tomáš Ščuka: Unwritten social rules make racism against the Romani minority socially acceptable

4.6.2017 12:40 As we all well know, the written laws of any country legislate the generally binding rules for behavior in society and are enforceable. There are also unwritten laws, or legal customs, and they are also determined by the rules of behavior through which a society governs itself.  full story

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Czech Government approves social housing bill, ANO insists on reservations

11.3.2017 12:02 The long-anticipated, much-discussed social housing bill will now make its way to the Czech Chamber of Deputies. The bill's authors claim it should reduce trafficking in poverty and was approved by the Government on 8 March, according to cabinet spokesperson Martin Ayrer.  full story

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