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August 20, 2022




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Romani entrepreneurs push for unemployed Roma, not foreigners, to be hired for Czech bark beetle eradication

16.6.2018 8:46 The Association of Romani Entrepreneurs and Guilds (Asociace romských podnikatelů a spolků) has offered to provide 1 000 laborers who have long been registered with the Czech Labor Office for work in forests to combat bark beetle, sending an open letter making the offer to Czech Environment Minister Richard Brabec (ANO) and Czech Agriculture Minister Jiří Milek (for ANO). Czech firms are complaining that they do not have enough laborers for forestry work and that they are understaffed by thousands.  full story

Czech Labor Inspection discovers highest numbers of discriminatory want ads in four years

13.4.2018 12:48 News server reports that despite very low unemployment levels, the State Office of Labor Inspection in the Czech Republic has reported a record-high number of discriminatory want ads in which employers a priori exclude either foreign nationals or Romani people from applying. The number of such ads was the highest it has been since 2014.  full story

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Martin Bajger, candidate for the Czech lower house: If just one Romani MP is seated, that would be success

19.10.2017 7:56 News server is publishing interviews with each Romani candidate competing for a seat this year in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. This interview is with the entrepreneur Martin Bajger, who is running on the Green Party candidate list in 25th place in Ústí nad Labem.  full story

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Czech journalist reports on her experiences working minimum wage jobs, book and documentary film to follow

7.9.2017 9:12 Czech journalist Saša Uhlová has gone undercover to work in the laundry room of a hospital, in a poultry processing plant, as a cashier in a supermarket chain, in a factory producing electric razors, and in a waste sorting plant. She recorded her experiences using a hidden camera and kept a journal of her time on the job.  full story

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Czech Television: Successful Romani families aid the community

15.6.2017 11:47 A Czech Government report on the state of the Romani minority last year has found that half of the Romani people in the Czech Republic are educated, fully integrated into society, and middle class. Now public broadcaster Czech Television has visited two such families living in the Ústecký Region.  full story

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Czech Government approves start of bill on social enterprises

17.5.2017 7:46 On 15 May the Czech Government approved a document outlining its intention to draft a bill on social enterprises which should establish clear rules for such firms, the
advantages they would enjoy, and the terms of state support for them. Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Czech Social Democratic Party - ČSSD) announced the news on Twitter.  full story

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Czech research shows appropriate jobs often inaccessible to the unemployed

24.7.2015 23:04 An oft-repeated prejudice in the Czech Republic is that those who receive welfare don't want to work. Just-published research, however, refutes this thesis and finds that many welfare recipients also work in various temporary jobs or without employment contracts, cobbling together an income from a large number of insecure sources.  full story

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Interview with Czech manager who doesn't hire Roma as housekeepers

16.4.2015 17:12 News server has obtained a recording in which Anna Pižlová, manager of the Clinea firm, refuses to invite a Romani woman to interview for a housekeeping position. On the recording, the manager explains that her clients would not want the woman because of her nationality.  full story

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Slovak President: The Romani issue is one of society's most pressing problems

12.4.2015 2:14 The President of the Slovak Republic has issued the following press release:  full story

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Czech Republic: Nonprofits help unemployed Roma, save the state millions

Prague, 27.3.2015 23:51, (ROMEA) Last year, within the framework of a project run by the ROMEA nonprofit (the publisher of news server and the Slovo 21 NGO, 59 Romani clients in Prague succeeded in finding jobs, saving the state budget more than CZK 6 million (EUR 218 000). "We are glad that last year we succeeded in helping almost 60 Romani residents of Prague find work, and we managed to change their life situations. That is no easy task and I consider it a big success," said Jelena Silajdžić, director of Slovo 21.  full story

Czech Republic: Romani caretakers to supervise building safety in Zlín Region

Zlín Region, 2.2.2015 18:56, (ROMEA) The Zlín Regional Administration has approved a subsidy to the ARGO civic association for the sixth time for the provision of Romani caretakers in selected localities. The Romani localities in the towns of Holešov, Kroměříž, Uherský Brod and Zlín will each receive a Romani caretaker.  full story

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Czech Gov't research: Minimum wage jobs not worth it

Prague, 11.11.2014 18:51, (ROMEA) Agreeing to low-paying employment at the level of the minimum wage can, in some cases, lead to less income for a family than if its members were to remain unemployed and draw welfare. Many people have little financial motivation to accept such employment and low wages, including the minimum wage, play a significant role.  full story

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Czech NGO says Romani women are unemployed because they have low self-esteem

Brno, 30.9.2014 22:30, (ROMEA) A wooden spoon in one hand, a child in the other and an education that helps her figure out where to buy the cheapest yogurt at the most. That, according to experts, is the position of women in Romani households.  full story

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