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August 6, 2020




(PHOTO:  Alex Proimos, Wikimedia Commons)
(PHOTO: Alex Proimos, Wikimedia Commons)

Danish Parliament approves harsher law against begging but stops short of requiring deportations

28.6.2017 7:18 Earlier this month the Danish Parliament approved a harsher law against begging in Denmark with a clear majority vote. Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) reports that among
those who beg in the northern European country, eastern European Romani immigrants are frequently represented.  full story

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Austria: Arson attacks against Romani families from Romania

11.3.2016 20:38 Unidentified perpetrators set fire to the tents of Romani families from Romania in the Upper Austrian city of Linz at the beginning of March. Fortunately, no one was injured in that incident.  full story

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Ireland: Roma immigrant challenges state's refusal to award her welfare

22.7.2015 0:35 The Irish Times reports that a Roma citizen of Romania with two young children is suing Ireland's Department of Social Protection for refusing to award her various welfare benefits, claiming the refusal is a violation of EU law. Her counsel, Derek Shorthall, told the High Court that the case raises "very weighty legal issues".  full story

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Roma in Denmark, Norway and Sweden not being "run" by organized crime

9.7.2015 22:06 News server, which reports on European welfare policies, say a new report from Fafo, a Scandinavian social research foundation, has found no evidence that Romani people in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are being managed by organized crime. The report contradicts claims that Romani people are being trafficked into those countries.  full story

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