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June 26, 2022




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Czech Republic: Criminal investigation to be sought over Romani Democratic Party's annual report

30.4.2016 15:02 Czech MPs from the Audit Committee in the lower house, which is in charge of monitoring political parties' annual reports, are of the opinion that the annual financial report of the Romani Democratic Party for 2015 contains a falsified auditor's statement. The MPs are apparently planning to file a criminal report in the matter.  full story

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Gabriela Hrabaňová: Third EU Roma summit once more "about Roma without Roma"

Brussels, 18.3.2014 17:41, (ROMEA) The European Commission (EC) is convening its third European Roma Summit. With not quite three weeks to go before 4 April, the program of the summit remains unknown and invitations were only just now sent out to Romani organizations.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani quintuplets spend holiday with grandparents

Milovice, 29.12.2013 19:33, (ROMEA) Christmas can be an onslaught to the nerves of many a mother, what with finding the Christmas tree, buying presents, cleaning, cooking, baking cookies and caring for the youngest family members on top of it all. What about when six children gather in one home and five of them are only a few months old?  full story

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Czech NGOs ask senators to distance themselves from their colleagues' racism

Prague, 6.12.2013 0:20, (ROMEA) At the instigation of the Czech Professional Society for Inclusive Education, (Česká odborná společnost pro inkluzivní vzdělávání -ČOSIV), an open letter has been written to the senators currently serving in the Czech Parliament. In the letter, the signatories refer to a recent plenary session in the Senate that featured racist and xenophobic remarks and ask the senators to publicly distance themselves from such statements in order to preserve the political culture and dignity of the institution they represent.  full story

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Canadian ambassador to "abusers" of asylum from Czech Republic: "Don't do it"

Prague, 16.11.2013 21:26, (ROMEA) Citizens of the Czech Republic can travel to Canada without visas as of 14 November. Ambassador Otto Jelinek has confirmed that the visa obligation imposed in July 2009 has been lifted.  full story

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Slovakia: Regional elections a fiasco for Romani parties

Bratislava, Slovakia, 12.11.2013 0:49, (ROMEA) Not one candidate from a Romani political party was seated in any of Slovakia's regional councils after the first round of voting Saturday. Three Romani parties fielded 32 candidates in the race.  full story

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Romeo Franz: Europe must be free of discrimination and racism

Berlin, 11.11.2013 23:47, (ROMEA) The following is an interview with Romeo Franz, a 46-year-old composer, pianist and violinist. He founded his first band, Romeo Franz Ensemble, in 1991 and in 2012 composed the piece "Mare Manuschenge", which has been played to commemorate the Romani victims of Nazism ever since.  full story

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Czech Christian Democrats: Ethnic origin must never be a parameter for judging anyone

Prague, 8.11.2013 1:02, (ROMEA) In a recent interview for the anti-Romani tabloid periodical Parlamentní listy, Czech Senator Jiří Čunek has once again expressed his peculiar approach toward Romani people. Čunek told the tabloid that he would like to be appointed by the party to a cabinet post so he could address the issue of Romani people.  full story

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Czech Republic: Gypsy Spirit 2013 jury announces finalists

Prague, 8.11.2013 0:13, (ROMEA) On 1 November 2013, out of 87 nominations for the Gypsy Spirit award in the Czech Republic, finalists were selected by the nominating jury, comprised of members Jozef Baláž, Darina Batyiová, Jiřina Bradová, Jana Horváthová, Gabriela Hrabaňová, Magdaléna Karvayová, Renata Köttnerová, Petr Polák, Jelena Silajdžić, Andrea Šenkyříková and David Tišer. The nominating jury evaluated the proposals according to the following criteria:  full story

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Greek PM promises to fight politically motivated violence

Athens, Greece, 7.11.2013 21:05, (ROMEA) Greek Prime Minister Antoinis Samaras made a television appearance Tuesday in which he announced that the Greek Government will fight tirelessly against political violence and will not permit violent crimes to influence the country's democratic order. Agence France-Presse reports that his remarks were made in response to the September murder of a human rights activist and singer by right-wing extremists and the subsequent murder of two members of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn last Friday in Athens.  full story

Czech director defends his depiction of Romani people in tv serial

Prague, 6.11.2013 0:17, (ROMEA) Lukáš Senft, a documentary filmmaker and student at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague has written an open letter to the creators of the television serial "Sanitka 2", screenwriter Ivan Hubač and director Filip Renč. In his letter, which was also published by news server, Senft takes the serial's creators to task for lying about Romani people and depicting them as a bloodthirsty, dangerous, foreign and incomprehensible minority.  full story

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The Romanes language celebrates its international day today

Prague, 5.11.2013 22:53, (ROMEA) Aspirated sounds and an eighth additional case - those are just some of the differences between the Czech and Romanes languages. As part of the International Day of the Romani Language, we reflect on these differences today.  full story

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Open letter to the writers of the Czech television serial "Sanitka 2"

Prague, 5.11.2013 17:04, (ROMEA) Mr Hubač, Mr Renč,  full story

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Czech town of Obrnice receives award in Strasbourg for Romani integration projects

Strasbourg, France, 31.10.2013 17:48, (ROMEA) The Mayor of Obrnice, Drahomíra Miklošová, has been awarded a prize in Strasbourg. The award is given by the Council of Europe as part of its "Dosta!" ("Enough!") campaign for an innovative municipal project that either combats discrimination against Romani people, raises awareness about Romani culture and rights, or supports Romani integration (see  full story

Greece will definitely return Romani girl to Bulgaria

Bulgaria/Greece, 31.10.2013 16:30, (ROMEA) News server reports that Greek authorities will be returning the little blonde girl named Maria, who was recently discovered living with a Romani family in the town of Farsala there, to her biological parents' country, Bulgaria. DNA analyses have proven she is the daughter of another Romani couple there, Atanas and Sasha Rusev.  full story

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Czech Republic: UIA conference supports Roma in Ostrava

Prague, 30.10.2013 0:55, (ROMEA) United for Intercultural Action (UIA) is a European network against fascism, nationalism and racism that supports migrants and refugees and brings together more than 560 organizations in 46 European countries. The organization is currently holding its international conference in the Czech Republic, which is scheduled to end on 30 October.  full story

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Czech Republic: Gypsy Spirit prize being revived by private foundations

Prague, 29.10.2013 22:35, (ROMEA) After a three-year hiatus, the Gypsy Spirit prize will be awarded once more for contributions to Romani integration in the Czech Republic. The award, which former Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb modeled on one in Slovakia, will be revived by Mr Kocáb's foundation together with the Open Society (Otevřená společnost) organization.  full story

Bulgaria insisting Romani girl be returned from Greece

Sofia, Bulgaria, 29.10.2013 16:28, (ROMEA) The Bulgarian authorities are insisting on the return of the little blonde Romani girl named Maria whose parents left her in Greece with a different Romani family as an infant. Agence France-Presse reported the statement by the Bulgarian Government Agency for Child Protection today.  full story

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Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis attempt pogrom in Ostrava, 500 Roma march against them

Ostrava, 28.10.2013 21:25, (ROMEA) Approximately 200 - 300 neo-Nazis gathered today at 14:00 for an anti-Romani, racist demonstration on Prokešovo Square in Ostrava. Two separate gatherings were convened against racism by the "Let's Block the Marches!" (Blokujeme!) platform, one on nearby Sokolská Street in front of a residential hotel called "Colorful Ostrava" (Barevná Ostrava), and another on Svatopluk Čech Square.  full story

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